Kundli Matching for Hindu Weddings

An important part of Hindu weddings has always been Kundli matching aka Horoscope matching. This practice originates in Vedic times and is still seen being practiced in many families in order to measure the compatibility of two people for a potential marriage.

Vedic astrology measures the compatibility of two people in many different areas of life considered important to a successful marriage. This horoscope matching method is only used for marriages.

In order to do this matching, both the bride and groom need to have kundlis created. The kundli is a chart that shows the position of all planets based on the exact time of the person’s birth. The kundli can determine one’s personality and even their fate.

In order to match two peoples’ kundlis in eight different areas of life, the kundli requires exact names of both the man and woman along with their exact date and time of birth. In recent times, kundlis were matched before a proposal was even made, but in recent times, the matching of kundlis is only done as a formality after the proposal.

In many cases kundlis are not perfect matches, which may prevent a marriage from happening. However, there are ceremonies and poojas that can be done to change the issues between two kundlis that are not compatible.

There are many tools available for people now to get kundlis created such as in person consultations with trained pundits or internet programs that are created to determine compatibility accurately. To find a resource in your area, visit our Vendor Directory.

Kundli Matching is an ancient custom practiced in Hindu families that measures the compatibility of two people interested in marriage.

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