CineMonday - Nairobi Indian Wedding - Raj and Nimeet

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a fabulous weekend and got to spend tons of time perfecting your wedding details!

Remember the gorgeous wedding we featured on Thursday and Friday? Catch up here if you missed it. Well, now we're giving you even more details from the 5 day wedding with their wedding film!


  • The Bollywood garden love scenes throughout the movie

  • The sexy white party

  • Why the song "Aahun Aaahun" makes the perfect soundtrack for a fun-loving couple!

If you're anything like me, you're going to go back and watch that one again!

Thank you to Christophe Photo for the CineMonday submission. Cinematographers - don't forget to submit your films for a chance to be featured.

CineMonday - Nairobi Indian Wedding - Raj and Nimeet

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