Planning Indian Destination Weddings – Questions to Ask

A destination wedding is a beautiful experience as long as everything happens as desired and planned. But ensuring that expectations and reality are in congruence is no simple task. When your Indian wedding is organized at a remote locale – one you may not even have seen in person before – there’s a fair chance that something may go wrong.

So, how do you plan your Indian destination wedding with flawless precision?

It’s simple – gather information on each aspect of the biz before starting out. This helps you make informed decisions with the full-picture of eventualities in mind.

To get all the required info, make sure to ask these questions to the hotel management personnel well in advance:

The Basics

1. Do you host Indian destination weddings at your establishment? If not, would you consider hosting one at current market rate?

2. Do you have an in-house wedding planner? If so, by what means and how often will he/she communicate with you?

3. Can we have our own wedding planner make arrangements for the wedding?

4. How much in advance do you need us to book the hotel?

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The Ceremony Arrangements

Do you have packages for multiple wedding functions?

6. Which indoor and outdoor areas are available for such functions?

7. Can you provide a portfolio comprising pictures/videos of the wedding halls/gardens, etc?

8. Is it possible to view the detailed layout of the venues?

9. What is the capacity of the venues? How many guests are typically accommodated at different locales?

10. Are the decorations and catering handled by the hotel? Do we have the option of outsourcing these, if required?

11.Is there a chance that other weddings may be taking place in the same hotel as on my wedding day? If so, how are multiple wedding parties handled?

12. Do you also provide photography/videography services? If so, can we have a look at sample shoots?

13. Does the hotel also have in-house makeup artists to service the bride?

14. Is there a salon on the premises for wedding guests to access?

15. Do you provide complimentary services for steaming of the bride and groom’s outfits?

16. Does the hotel serve alcohol for wedding parties? If so, which brands are served? What time does the bar close?

17. In terms of music, does the hotel provide the DJ? Can we send in our own list of songs?

18. Can the hotel arrange for the wedding cake? Do we also have the option of arranging a cake from elsewhere?

19. Who performs the ceremonies at weddings? Do we have to arrange someone by ourselves?


What will YOUR Indian Destination Wedding Cost?

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The Costs

20. Can you send us the price list for wedding related services?

21. Do you offer package deals for large wedding parties (i.e. guests living at the resort)?

22.What happens in case our guest list exceeds the available accommodations at the hotel?

23. Do you offer any complimentary stays such as a bridal suite or honeymoon deal?

24. What happens in case the estimated number of guests is exceeded? Will the hotel change extra?

25. Does the hotel provide any complimentary services to wedding guests who are staying on-site?

26. What is the typical mode of payment for Indian destination wedding costs?

27. What is the ratio of advance down-payment and balance dues?

28. If we decide to extend the stay of the guests at a later stage, will that be possible?

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The Legality

Do you have a contract for wedding arrangements? What legal formalities do we have to complete in order to book the hotel?

30. What is the procedure to register a marriage in your area? Will the hotel help with the registration process in any way?

31. Do we require any witnesses?

32. What is the course of action in case the hotel doesn’t provide the promised services? Are we protected against such defaults contractually?

33. What is the procedure for remedial action in case something goes wrong?

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Can the hotel arrange recreational activities for the wedding guests?

35. Any specific hotel policies that we or our guests need to be aware of?

36. What about internet access on the premises?

37. Do you have equipment to project a photo or video montage for any of the functions?38. How do we monitor the wedding preparations remotely?

39. Do we have the liberty to modify/customize wedding packages and decorations?

40. Can the hotel make arrangements to provide accessories for traditional weddings such as thalis, garlands, etc?

41. How much notice must we provide in case we have to cancel the wedding? Can you send us information  on your cancellation policy?

We have worked out a list of questions you must ask a planner when planning your Indian destination wedding perfectly.

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