12 Key Questions to Ask Yourself before Booking your Wedding Venue for Indian Destination Wedding

Are you all set to tie the knot with your beau at an exotic locale? But wait! Before you sign on the dotted line and book the resort where you’ll get hitched, here are a few important questions you need answered.dreams-tulum

Use the following list of questions as a guide while you’re talking with a site contact or reviewing a resort’s wedding package. After all, a perfect wedding venue goes beyond just the aesthetics.

1. Is your choice of dates available?

Do you have your heart set on a specific weekend? Or are you willing to shift your dates around just so you can get married at a particular resort? This is the first question you and your partner need to clear before you proceed.

2. Is the venue suitable for all the events you want to host?

Have you always dreamt of hosting your wedding ceremony by the beach and the reception inside a ballroom? Before you finalize a resort, evaluate thoroughly whether or not the resort has the space and capacity to host your sangeet, mehendi and other evening entertainment.Indian Destination Wedding games

3. Will the resort’s wedding spaces be able to accommodate all your guests comfortably?

If your guest list is anywhere between 75-100 people, you need to find a resort that can accommodate these many guests comfortably in their open as well as enclosed spaces like the gazebo or the ballroom.destination-wedding-guests

4. Is the resort child-friendly?

Since most of your guests will be coming with their children in tow, they will want the resort you have chosen for your wedding to have play areas where they can leave their children for a few hours in trusted hands so they can make the most of the resort’s amenities in peace.dreams-playa-mujeres (1)

5. Does the resort offer discounts on bulk bookings?

While you are not required to pay for the stay of your guests, it is great if you can get them a deal that they will love. For instance, several all-inclusive resorts offer discounts when you book a minimum number of rooms for a minimum number of days. Find out if your resort has any such package for your guests before you sign the dotted line.dreams-riviera-maya

6. What are the payment options?

How much is the deposit and when is it due? Is it refundable? What is the structure of the payment schedule? What payment methods do they accept? Also, find out what’s included in the total. Does it cover service charges, gratuity, and cleaning fees, or are those additional line items? While you’re at it, enquire about the cancellation fee and the last possible date to make changes to your reservation.


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7. What kind of activities are available on site and nearby?

If you plan to have a fun weekend by organizing additional activities for your guests, find out if the resort of your choice has provisions for any such activities. For instance, several beach resorts offer water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. Some resorts even have provisions for activities like karaoke or movie night. If your guests wish to extend their stay, they will look for activities in and around the resort to keep them entertained.pool-activities

8. Can the venue accommodate differently-abled guests?

If your guest list includes someone who is differently-abled, make sure you clarify with the on-site co-ordinator if they have provisions for differently-abled guests. After all, you wouldn’t want even a single guest to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable on your account.

9. Is there a provision for an in-house wedding coordinator?

Since you’ll be planning your wedding from afar, you will want a trusted wedding co-coordinator with whom you are on the same page and who will understand all your needs. If there is a language barrier, find out if the resort can provide a translator to simplify communication between you and the site co-coordinator.beach-setup-dreams

10. What’s the fee for outside vendors?

Most resorts charge an additional fee of $250-400 for every outside vendor that you bring along with you. However, there are a few resorts like AM resorts that waive this fee if your vendor stays at the resort for a minimum of 2 days. Find out if your choice of resort has any such deals for outside vendors before you sign the dotted line.indian bride getting ready

11. What’s the weather going to be like during the dates you shortlisted?

Even though your resort co-ordinator will be able to guide you about the weather you can expect, no one can guaranty whether or not the sun will shine bright on your wedding day. It is for this reason that you need to find out if your choice of resort has backup plans for sudden weather changes.Hawks Cay Resort

12. Are there any restrictions that you should know about?

Most resorts close their beach for wedding ceremonies post 11 p.m. and move the wedding party to an in-house ballroom where they can continue with their wedding celebrations. If you’re not okay with this, broaden your search to include other resort options. While you’re at it, find out if there are any restrictions on the kind of music you can play and if there is a time-limit by which you need to stop the music. Enquire if the resort has any limitations about accommodating a DJ or a live band.Indian Destination Wedding Fun

It’s your wedding week and it’s best to straighten out all these details before you sign the contract. Check the fine print and ensure you understand all the costs before signing, including cleaning fees, extra time, extra charges and taxes. It won’t hurt to clear every last doubt you have.


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There are lots of questions you need to ask before you find the perfect venue. Don’t book your destination wedding venue till you have answers to these 12 key questions!


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