Simple Guide to Indian Destination Wedding for Couples and Guest

Indian weddings are extravagant affairs. The expectation is that it’s going to be grand. That just adds to the pressure of planning a big fat Indian wedding. But in recent times, Indian destination weddings as an attractive and affordable option have swept across North America for very good reasons.

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Why a Destination Wedding?

There are many factors that have made destination weddings a hit amongst Indians in North America.

From the hosts’ perspective, there are many reasons to go in for a destination wedding. First and foremost it’s about the economics. Mid-sized Indian weddings will cost more than twice as much as a destination wedding. Additionally, the wedding festivities become more of any experience for the couple, than an event for hosting others.

From the guests’ perspective, a destination wedding is a great way to visit and explore a new city, enjoy resort-style amenities, and attend a family celebration – all rolled into one. Naturally, the expenditure is reduced and the fun, doubled.

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Where and When?

The next important question is, which destination would be suitable for an Indian destination wedding? These days, the Cancun/Riviera Maya area of Mexico is a popular location to host such events. There is a plethora of vendors to choose from and you’d be surprised to know, that most of them are now familiar with Indian wedding rituals and South Asian customs.

Regarding the timing, there’s a six month window – November to May – when the wedding season is in full swing. If you are going to have many guests from across the world, it would be best to pick a date in the holiday season. We often suggest that weddings take place in May since many people tend to travel this time of the year, for a mid-year vacation. Plus, the weather is lovely, so you can count on the dreamiest wedding pictures.

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What’s It Going to Cost Me?

What you are probably most curious is about how much an Indian destination wedding costs. Assuming your guest list is about 100 people, you can expect is to cost anywhere between $30,000 and $50,000, depending upon the number of functions you host and the extravagance of the wedding preparations.

This estimate includes the price of the rooms for the to-be wedded couple, their airfare, and transfers. Typically, the guests’ pay for their own accommodation, though a few special attendees may be paid for the hosts. 

Keep in mind that any adds-on will increase the budget requirements. If you wish to arrange for city-tours, spa packages, or other luxuries for the guests, that may increase the costs. Similarly, the more functions you add to the wedding-reception combo, the more you’ll have to pay.

Once major cost-cutting factor is that the wedded couple can save on honeymoon expenses by extending their wedding trip longer beyond the festivities. They do not need to plan a separate vacation when their wedding itself is happening at a world-class tourist destination.

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How do I Plan an Indian Destination Wedding?

When it comes to destination Indian weddings, it’s best to have experts on the job to keep wedding items on time and on budget. You don’t want your big day to be a cause of stress and endless planning. We at leverage our on-site experience and remote technology to help you pick your resort and arrange your travel for you dreamy destination wedding, exactly as you wish for it to be. You can contact us using our online form regarding any queries you have.

Let us help you begin the journey of lovely, unforgettable matrimonial bliss.

Take a look at our brief Indian destination wedding guide where we are covering all aspects of planning and costing for the couples and guests.

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