Riviera Maya Destination Wedding FAQs by Mango Weddings and Events

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task when you're in the same city, but when you're 5000 miles away from the venue it can seem like an insurmountable task. From picking the venue, finding the right caterers, coordinating ceremony essentials and then travel arrangements on top of that there is a lot to be done. Lucky for our readers who are considering a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, we were able to interview event planner extraordinaires Anastasia and Anna from Mango Weddings & Events for some insider advice!

Are there places where Indian Catering are readily available in Riviera Maya?

Depending on which area of Riviera Maya the wedding takes place, there are a few local Indian Restaurants that cater to traditional Indian Weddings. These traditional Indian restaurants are managed and owned by Indian chefs.


Where can couples get priests, mandaps, guru granth sahib's and other religious idols they might need for the ceremony that are hard to travel with?

We have one Hindu priest here in the Riviera Maya who is able to perform ceremonies if the couple doesn't bring a priest with them. We have plenty of vendors to choose from who are experts in Mandaps. However, guru granth sahib's are not available here and must be brought in by the couple.


How do logistics work? Do couple's ship items needed for the wedding earlier to the venue? Do they bring them with them? Are there event coordinators on site to set everything up?

If a bride needs to ship something here, the best place to do it is to her wedding planner. Venues are not usually responsible for items shipped, although some hotels do allow for that. Working with an outside wedding planner will ensure that the brides item's will get delivered and stored securely. Some items are more economical for the bride to simply bring with her in her luggage. The event coordinators, if contracted or provided by the venue, are responsible for setting everything up and making sure the event is a success.


How soon in advance do you recommend booking a destination wedding and what is the general timeline for planning?

We recommend starting to plan 12 months in advance and the most important decision is to select the venue. Once the venue is selected, then the priest should be booked shortly along with photographer/videographer. The decoration planning process can take place over several months and should be started no later than 6 months prior to the event.

Mango Weddings and Events provide helpful tips for planning a destination wedding in Riviera Maya


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