5 Ways to Incorporate Mason Jars into Your Wedding Day

Back in the day Mason Jars were a staple down south where jarring your own jelly or pickling pretty much anything required these durable, sealable, glass contraptions. Now a days they are a dime a dozen and can be repurposed anywhere from a drinking glass, storage container or even your run of the mill table decor. Not only are they versatile but they're also any DIYers dream because of their low price point! If you're looking to add a homemade touch to your wedding day check out our list of Mason Jar DIYs below!

Mason Jar Groomsman Gift

Groomsman Gift
No groomsman will complain about receiving a myriad of goodies as a thank you for standing up on your big day. Take it one step further by packaging it in a mason jar. It's perfectly unisex but is still A+ in the presentation game!
Mason Jar Lighting

Customized Chandelier
For the incredibly handy DIYer how about taking a crack at making your own chandelier? This is especially perfect if you're having a backyard soiree and want to add a personal touch or two!
mehndi mason jar

Mehndi Mason Jars
Who says Mehndi is just reserved for your body? Gussy up your jars with some of your favorite mehndi patterns and then either stuff them with delicious mithai as a wedding favor or simply stick some LED lights or flowers inside and use it as a centerpiece!
mason jar uplighting
Mason Jar Uplighting
Why pay for extra uplighting when you can repurpose some christmas lights, tulle and mason jars? Not only is this extremely cost effective but it adds a huge whimsical romantic touch to any wedding decor.
mason jar games


Mason Jar Tic-Tac-Toe
If you need to find a way to entertain guests in-between events or during your destination wedding weekend how about customizing your own games? Ditch the jar part of the mason and instead glue a magnet onto the lids and make your own tic-tac-toe board! Take it a step further and glue pictures of yourself and fiancé to represent the "X" and "O"!


Think outside of the box and inside the jar for ways to personalize your wedding!

mehndi mason jar

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