Why Bridezilla is so Angry by Sonia C

What does being a "bridezilla" really mean? How and when did the term come about and what poor soul experienced the wrath of a bride so vicious, that it forced him to come up with the creation of such a name?


I've worked with many brides and have definitely had my share of difficulties in pleasing some of them, or understanding why things that are insignificant to everyone else, are so serious for them. I know why that tiny strand of hair that hasn't been sprayed to her head will ruin her entire night...or why she's fuming that the linens on the tables are pantone color 1234 and not 12345.

Experiencing the never-ending, roller coaster of wedding planning has inspired me to share why bridezilla is so pissed off and why "perfect" is the only word she wants to hear.


With the constant berating of various bridal websites, blogs, designers, photographers and all their glorious work, (no offense IWS), women obsess over other people's weddings and spend every waking moment on how to make their wedding "picture perfect." Talk about pressure... if the Internet is not flooding them with wedding material, the television is at the same time. If you haven't watched the Friday night marathon of "Say Yes to the Dress" and cried over being single or memorized every single cut/shape/fabric name... there is something very wrong with you according to society.


Women have always been competitive with each other and so explains the reason why brides compare their plans to past weddings. "My X friend had this at her wedding so maybe if I have Y, it will be wayyy better."


South Asian women have come such a long way in the work force and most of my brides are full-time professionals that don't have time for games. Wedding planning is so time consuming for most of us, that it gets a little irritating to have a second full-time gig in which you have to plan the biggest event in your life. NOT easy! Plus she has probably been saving for days...months...years for this once-in-lifetime event and her hard work should not go without notice.



We hear about it all the time... When your in-laws suck the wedding planning just isn't as fun and positive as it should be. So all of the categories mentioned above become 10x worse since bridezilla has a whole new set of "parents," to please on top of her own family and friends.



I have yet to attend a wedding or work at one that does not have at least one, unreliable vendor. Isn't that sad!? Bridezilla spent her whole life planning this magical moment in which she and Prince Charming become ONE, and all it takes is one shady vendor to kill the dream. Wether the vendor is late, or doesn't provide what she asked for even after the 5+ meetings and countless emails, of COURSE she's going to want to rip someone's head off... Just don't be a bystander when that goes down.

I guess bridezilla really just needs your support in the extravaganza we all make her go through to get married. Wether you're a friend, fiancé, sibling or parent to her, just take it easy on her and remind her always that it all ends happily ever after.


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Sonia C is an award-winning beauty artist with a client list full of brides and celebrities. She is a brand ambassador for NARS cosmetics in the North East and also works as a corporate creative coordinator for e.l.f. Cosmetics. Her beauty and styling work has been featured in major print and web publications as well as blogs. Inquiries about her work can be made at her website or Facebook Page. Sonia’s most recent work can be found on Instagram at Soniacmakeup.

Sonia C. is a Spotlight Vendor in the Indian Wedding Site Vendor Directory.


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