Budget Friendly Photo Booth Ideas for Indian Wedding Reception

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When my now husband and I were dating, we were always excited to take silly pictures in photo booths. We have some excellent memories from our "secret dates" at the Coney Island boardwalk to Mohegan Sun birthday celebrations. It was no question that we had to include the novelty of a fun, prop-filled photo booth to our wedding events! Convincing my parents to pay for this "extra" expense was a great task, however. In the end, we paid too much and I realized later how easy it was to DIY a Wedding Photo Booth and remain classy and tasteful!

1- Ask your Photographer! Many times photographers already have something similar that they can set up for you and can be a part of a bundle package. If they do not have a formal photo booth set up, you can ask them if they have a junior photographer who can take images for you.

2- Got a DSLR? Set up your personal DSLR on a sturdy tripod and use a remote control device allowing your guests to take pictures when they are ready (and privately). Set up a viewing station (if possible), enabling them to see how the images came out. Email it to them later!

3- Find a fun backdrop! Use your imagination and let it match your theme! Some creative ideas: your mom's wedding saree, a muted blanket that your grandmother made for you, or a rich textured shower curtain (which you can later use as your own shower curtain)- check out Ikea or Home Goods for some good options! Also- include an empty picture frame, large enough to fit 3-5 individuals and let it float a few feet in front of the backdrop. This will create a unison of the photo booth images you are trying to create.

4- To prop or not to prop? I'm a total nut with props and if you're like me, the more props the better! Set aside a bunch of props on a table outside your make-shift photo booth. Get them at the dollar store or in the sale section at a party or costume shop. Tape or glue them to a stick (or a chopstick) and voila, prop away!

5- Be a show-off! Create a website or photo album and include the details of where the images can be found for your friends and family to view. Make sure to upload the images to this site in a timely manner, as I'm certain your guests are dying to see how their images!



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