Wording Your Indian Wedding Card

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If there is anything more stressful than picking out your wedding card vendor and invitation design, it is wording the card itself. So many brides get stuck on invitation wording. Whether you are trying to set the tone for your fantastic affair or are just plain confused about which set of parents to include, do not stress! Wording your Indian wedding card is simpler than you think.
After you have selected your wedding invitation design, it is time to start thinking about your wording. Take into consideration the mood of your wedding ceremony. Are you having a large, lavish event with hundreds of guests, or an intimate ceremony with your close friends and family? No matter how many guests you invited to your celebration, there are a few things every Indian wedding card needs within its wording.


 Religious Symbols and Quotes

A great, festive way to incorporate your religious beliefs into your wedding card wording is by including religious symbols. Symbols work wonders to set the tone of religious ceremonies within Indian invitations. Ideally placed at the top of the invitation, a graceful Ganesh, Ohm or Ek-Onkar will tell guests just what kind of ceremony you will be having. A delightful addition to a religious symbol is a passage from a favored scripture, song or poem.


One of the most confusing parts about wording wedding cards is how to display you and your parents’ names. Traditionally, the parents hosting the ceremony were the ones mentioned in the invitation. You can follow tradition by mentioning only one set of names:

Dr. and Mrs. Pandu and Padma Tadoori

Request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Hima Bindu



Or include both sets of parents within the wording:

Mrs. Kiran & the Late Mr. Andy Sippy

request the pleasure of your company to celebrate

the marriage of their son



Ana Victoria

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gil and Salve Tordilla

There are amazing ways to accommodate divorced and deceased parents’ names, just ask you’re your invitation consultant for some help! Parents’ names can even be omitted altogether and replaced with a sweet saying if you are planning an informal ceremony. No matter who you mention, be sure that your wording flows seamlessly. Even though the text is broken up, you are still reading a complete sentence.


 Ceremony Information  
Ceremony information is gracefully displayed below your names. Date (don’t forget the year!) and time, followed by the ceremony location is the essential information you don’t want to leave out on your invitation.

Simply list the venue, city and state for your ceremony location. Guests can look up the exact address and directions, or you can provide direction and map cards within your invitation suite.


 Multiple Events
Typically brides are sure to mention if there is a reception to follow at the bottom of their wedding card. Other events can be listed here as well, or displayed within your ceremony information.

If your ceremony is only one part within a lavish wedding celebration, there are graceful ways to inform your guests of other events. Sangeets, Mehendis, Baraats and more can be included within your wedding card or on separate event invitations and RSVP cards.


Now that you know the basics, wording your invitation will be a piece of (wedding) cake! You are on your way to creating an amazing Indian wedding card that no guest will forget.

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When it comes to wording your Indian wedding card, the possibilites are endless. Before you get overwhelmed check out this article courtesy of Invitations by Ajalon with practical advice on how to word your invitations!


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