How to Plan an Unforgettable Indian Destination Wedding Weekend

The best part about destination weddings is that they allow guests to bond and spend some quality time with one another as well as with the wedding couple. There will be a few guests who are very close to you but who you may not have seen for years. A destination wedding gives you the opportunity to reconnect with those guests. However, planning an unforgettable wedding weekend is easier said than done. You need to make sure that your wedding remains the highlight of the trip while ensuring that your guests enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Here’s a quick go-to guide to help you plan an unforgettable wedding weekend.

Merge traditional with modern

Mehndi on Beach

Just like you would have a mehendi ceremony if you were hosting a local wedding, you’re bound to have a mehendi event as part of your destination wedding too. But why not give a fun spin to traditional events? For instance, if your resort is at the beach, it’s a great idea to host your mehendi ceremony on the shores of your resort’s private beach! Imagine bright yellow décor against the backdrop of the blue sea. The vision makes your heart skip a beat, doesn’t it? Your guests will have great fun being seated in the sand while they are getting henna applied on their hands. Similarly, you can hold the haldi ceremony on the beach too. Since you’re shelling out money to have a destination wedding, it makes sense to maximize the use of the stunning outdoor location.

Plan a pre-wedding shoot with your guests

Photoshoot with guests

Usually, couples get their pre-wedding shoot done much in advance. But since you’re hosting your wedding in such a scenic location, it makes sense to get your pre-wedding shoot done at the exotic locale. While you’re at it, involve your guests in the shoot too! There are several fun photos which you can click with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and even cousins. Do some research beforehand so you aren’t left browsing through Google on the day of the shoot. When you involve your guests in the process, they not only feel like an integral part of the wedding, but they also get a chance to bond with each other right from the beginning.

Give your guests a few days to enjoy your wedding location


While it is true that your guests are flying from all over the world for your wedding, let’s not forget that they are also taking time out from their busy schedules and shelling out a neat sum of money in the process. Think about it this way – your wedding weekend might just be the vacation some of your guests may have been looking forward to in a long time. Make sure you schedule a day or two in your wedding itinerary for sight-seeing and exploring. This way, your guests will receive maximum bang for their buck and they will get a chance to explore a whole new location! If you can, organize a group tour for them so they aren’t left confused about what to do and where to go.

Organize games


The best part about destination weddings? Your guests don’t up and leave after the ceremony is over. Well, they do, but that’s just to head back to the resort! Unlike local weddings, your guests are with you for the entire duration of the three-or-four days that they’ve flown down for. Take advantage of this time with them by organizing some fun beach games and sports for them. For instance, if your mehendi ceremony is scheduled to get done by 3 p.m. and there is no wedding-related event for the rest of the day, you can always plan something fun in the evening. You can also come up with some pool activities that your guests will enjoy. Volleyball by the beach, kayaking and pool volleyball are just a few games you can organize. Doing this will give your guests a chance to bond with one another. What’s more? You can even pit the bride’s side against the groom’s side to make things more interesting!

Have a blast on the last day

Indian Destination Wedding gamesAfter the wedding reception and sight-seeing is done with, your guests will be all packed and ready to depart for their homes and resume their mundane lives. However, take joy in the fact that you can send them off on a happy note! Organize a post wedding brunch or dinner that will allow your guests to let their hair down one last time and exchange goodbye with you and your beau as well as with one another. Use this opportunity to thank your guests in the most memorable way possible. Don’t include this farewell meal on the itinerary. Let it be a surprise. You can also organize a karaoke session. By this time your guests will all know each other pretty well and they won’t have inhibitions about singing in front of a room full of strangers.


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Whatever you plan, make sure your wedding weekend is unique to you. Don’t organize something just because it looked great on Pinterest or because another friend did it for their wedding. The interests of your guests may be different from the interests of the guests that were present at your friend’s wedding and so what worked for them, might not work for you. Focus on enjoying and making your guests have a great time and the rest will fall into place!

You’ve put great efforts in finding and finalizing the perfect location for your destination wedding. Now it’s time to put some thought into planning your wedding weekend in such a way that your guests will remember it for years to come.


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