Here's how you can make your guests bond at a Indian Destination Wedding!

The best thing about destination weddings are that they are an intimate affair. No long-lost aunts and uncles who you’ve never seen before! More often than not, a group of strangers come together at an exotic location to celebrate the union of two people who are very much in love. That’s how most destination weddings work. It is for this reason that couples need to come up with ice-breakers that will help their guests bond with one another. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind to help your close friends and family connect with each other at your dream destination for your dream wedding! 

Guests at Indian Wedding


Organize a welcome party for your guests

The first day that your guests arrive at the resort is the perfect time to introduce everyone and set the mood for the rest of their stay. Most resorts offer a welcome party as part of the wedding package. Make arrangements with your wedding planner for the same. Even if the resort you’re put up at doesn’t offer any such party, you can always throw one yourself. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. It can be a simple gathering by the pool or a beach picnic. 

Plan a karaoke night

Indian Destination Wedding FunIf you want to break the ice amongst your guests in a fun way, what better way to do it than a karaoke night? Whether you book a private room in your resort and rent a machine or you hit a local bar for the same, make sure your partner and you croon the first tune. This will not only get everybody in the mood, but more people will be willing to follow your cue after witnessing your embarrassment. 

Pre-wedding games

Indian Destination Wedding games

If you want your wedding party to get to know each other in a relaxed environment, arrange some pre-wedding games for them. Whether it is an obstacle course or a treasure hunt, divide your guests into two teams – ladkiwale and ladkewale! Doing this will bring out the competitive yet fun side of your guests and they’ll be able to get to know each other. Arrange a barbeque party or some beer pong after the games are done to keep the bonding and chatting going strong. 

Group lessons


The best part about destination weddings are that most of them come with an all-inclusive package. Several resorts offer day-time and night-time entertainment activities and lessons that can easily accommodate your entire wedding party. And all of this at no extra cost! From painting to an introductory lesson to scuba diving, pre-book your guests for these activities at the resort so they can have some fun and get to know each other before the wedding events kick-start. 


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Host a movie night

If your resort has a mini-theatre, book it for your guests in advance. If not, you can always play the movie in a room with a projector screen. Invite your guests for a fun movie night and fire up a rom-com that everyone will enjoy. Order Pizzas and pause the movie in the middle for guests to enjoy snacks and a light conversation with one another. This activity will encourage your guests to swap stories about you and your fiancé in a relaxed setting. This is a great idea for couples who don’t want to splurge on elaborate welcome parties. 

Water sports

It goes without saying that 90% of destination weddings are beautiful beach weddings. And where there is a beach, there are bound to be water sports! Enroll your guests for an hour of fun water sports like parasailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. If you’ve opted for a Caribbean wedding, it would be a shame to not make the most of the gorgeous reefs that are a stone’s throw away from where you and your wedding party are put up. Whether you have 50 or 100 guests, water sports are a memorable way to help your guests bond and make the most of your tropical destination. 

A sunset cruise

If you have the budget for it, a sunset cruise will leave your guests in awe like little else. With breeze in their hair and a cold drink in their hand, your guests are bound to lower their guard and get talking with one another. You can even organize some fun games to get them mingling. Throw in some loud music and get your guests dancing. A yacht cruise at sunset will only be a fun start to your wedding events, but it will also break the ice between your guests! 

Golf/Spa day


Of course, not all activities need to include all your guests at once. You can easily split your wedding party based on gender or interests. A Spa or Golf day will help your guests unwind and mingle in a more relaxed setting. While Golf is mostly included in wedding packages, Spas are usually not and it may cost you a little more to get your guests this kind of luxury service. However, it is totally worth it at the end of the day as it will not only help your guests socialize on a more intimate level, but it will also be the perfect recovery from all the travelling. 

Adventure excursions

If you have the time for it, schedule at least one exciting group excursion outside the resort. From hiking to cycling tours, take your pick from a variety of activities that surround your hotel. The adrenaline rush will create instant memories and perhaps create a few hilarious stories that your guests can swap during your wedding events. 

Your destination wedding will only be as successful as your guests make it. It is for this reason that you should make use of the above-mentioned tips to get your wedding party bonding with one another. 


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Few tips you can keep in mind to help your close friends and family connect with each other at your dream destination for your dream wedding!


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