Things a Bride Should Do to Impress Her Mother-in-law

You know how they say weddings aren’t about two people getting married? It's about two families getting married! And we sure know how to rope in our distant cousins and our namesake aunts to make our weddings a huge cocktail of hysterical folks.

But when it comes to families, every bride and groom must remember the importance of being respectful and cordial, besides warm, to each other’s families. After all, what is a wedding where the groom doesn’t bond better with the bride’s sister than the bride herself?

And as far as the bride is concerned, there’s one person she needs to look out for- the mother-in-law. The bride and her to-be husband’s mother should share a special connection, because their relationship goes beyond ordinary lines. It's a relationship that needs constant working upon by both sides.


Which is why we have handpicked a cheat sheet for all to-be brides out there! Check out these hacks that’ll give your mother-in-law a reason to smile upon you and shower you with her blessings. After all, is it even a wedding if the mother-in-law doesn’t get a little senti?

1. Give Her Happiness Priority - Show your MIL that she holds higher stakes than her son so she stays at ease. It is important for you to make her feel comfortable so you should put her concerns first. Take all efforts to keep her happy. 

2. Show Yourself As A Family-Oriented Person: Always show yourself as a family-oriented person and try to be extra sweet to all the family members in front of your MIL. Even if you have had an argument with your husband, never let it show on your face. In fact give her son all the importance and be an extra caring wife for him. This is going to win her heart.

3. Hang Out With Her: Take her opinions when shopping for the wedding stuff. Go out with her and spend some time with her before the wedding too. You can go for brunches, cooking classes together or catch up for movies. Open up to her slowly as she will appreciate your forwardness to connect with her heart-to-heart. Try your best to hit it off with your MIL. 

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4. Never Let Difference Of Opinion Reflect Badly: It is natural to have a difference in opinion with your MIL but always find nicer words to put your opinion forth. Never criticize even if you strongly want to. 

5. Always Offer to Help: A small gesture goes a long way in breaking the ice and developing a new bond. Try to be cordial with your MIL and make sure you lay the right groundwork for the relationship, which extends in future. 

Other than these, try to stay in regular touch with her and make her feel she is special. 

Check out these hacks that’ll give your mother-in-law a reason to smile upon you and shower you with her blessings.

indian wedding

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