Top 5 Fun Activities - Cancun Part II

Even though you’re in Cancún, your wedding festivities are going to happen with that desi “dhoom dham” and all the “ishq wala love” you can possibly dream of! Now I’m sure most of you, as well as your wedding guests want to explore beyond your resort and see the many sites that Cancun and the Riviera Maya have to offer. But where do you go? Where’s the fun, excitement, the tranquility and relaxation all at?

Earlier this month we explored the Top 5 Fun Activities for Cancun. In this article, we extend that list to a TOP 10 by adding five more off-site Fun Activities for Cancun. And these activities are for guests of all ages, Yes my dulhas and dulhans, this means every guest from the crying babies to the cane waving elders are going to remember your wedding as the most eventful of the century!

¡Bienvenidos a Cancún! 

1. MUSA: Underwater Museum of Art 

So, you’re in Cancun. You can’t just dip your feet in the sand. You’ve got to dive (literally) head first into adventure to see this underwater museum!  MUSA or Museo Subacuático de Arte, was created in 2009 in the water surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc. The MUSA office is in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone, just a hop skip and a jump from multiple Palace Resorts properties including the Beach Palace, Sun Palace and Le Blanc Spa; and also off the waters of the Isla Mujeres Palace.

This underwater adventure represents the meeting of art and the environment, and the beauty of it all! Every sculpture is attached to the seabed itself and the whole museum itself encompasses 420 square meters and weighs over 200 tons. There are multiple ways to immerse yourself in the artistic grace of this ocean paradise, such as an excursion in a glass bottom boat, scuba diving, a jungle tour, or the most fun and hands on (in my opinion), snorkeling.

MUSA Understanding Sculpture

MUSA is made up of three sites. Salon Manchones is excellent for scuba diving as it's quite deep; while Salon Nizuc is only four meters deep making it terrific for snorkeling, or a glass bottom boat. So swim right on over to MUSA, and experience the splendor of Mother Nature’s underwater bounty, you won’t regret it at all! 

2. Grand Mambo Café

Wedding da season hain, aur dance da reason hain! You’ve probably showed off all your garba moves and busted out the best betka in the bhangra department, it’s your wedding…go all out my friends! Pyaar kiya toh darna kya, right? Well, you’re in Cancún, maybe it’s time for you to try out something more native to the area! Head on over to the Grand Mambo Café, which is nestled in downtown Cancún in Plaza Hong Kong (about 30 minutes from the Hard Rock Cancun in the Hotel Zone). Just 60 pesos (less than 5 USD) is your cover fee and one way ticket to dance the night away with your crew to the beats of sensual salsa, merry merengue, and bold bachata with live music. Thinking about getting bottle service? Here’s an added bonus for you! Bottle service includes a front row seat right next to the dance floor. For all you brides and grooms and your adult friends and family, be prepared to have your heart pounding to exotic beats and your entire body needing a good massage the next day! 

13 Hard Rock All Inclusive Collection Cancun Mexico

3. Shopping in Tulum

Now, of course every wedding is not complete without our lovely “chachas and chachis”, “mamas and mamis”, and “dadas and dadis”! How can we leave them out from the Cancun experience? To ensure that the elders get some Cancun exposure, spend some time shopping in Tulum! This beautiful resort town is about 40 minutes south of the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. Experience the culture first hand and purchase hand-made Mexican artifacts at shops like Mixik, the Tulum Bazaar, and MexicArte all located on Avenida Tulum in Tulum. And of course, as desis are…we love our “khana and peena”. So after shoppin’ till you’re droppin’, head right on over to some of the local eateries in Tulum such as Pollo Bronco (rumored to have some of the best chicken), Antojitos La Chiapaneca (for all my vegetarian friends), and Taqueria La Eufemia (which includes a bar, so drink up!). So khao, peo aish karo mitra even with the elders around Cancun style! 

Tulum Beach

4. Xcaret

Every desi wedding comes complete with screaming “bache”. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that refuse to sit still during any of the ceremonies, the ones that are crying over the music…we’ve all seen them. But to give them a reason to smile, and keep them in check at the same time come check out Xcaret (pronounced “Sh-car-ret”) located in the beautiful Playa del Carmen, only 15 minutes from the Playacar Palace! Experience a tropical safari of vibrant, exotic animals such as flamingos, manatees, and jaguars and bask in the beauty of Mexican meets Mayan culture. If human kisses are just getting too mainstream, swim with the dolphins and the kids are sure to get a big smooch from these friendly creatures! If satisfaction is still a faraway destination explore more wildlife in the aquarium, play on the beach, or even climb a small Mayan ruin if there’s a surplus of energy! So adults, put a hand over your heart and just say “all iz well”, and come discover Xcaret! 



5. Coba 

If you ask me, no trip is complete without exploring the history of the area you’re in! Although Chichen Itza is somewhere everyone knows and tends to go, why not step away from the crowd and experience Coba! Coba is one of many ancient Mayan cities in Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo -- just over an hour east of the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. Coba means “water stirred by the wind”, which is quite appropriate considering the fact that it’s surrounded by two enormous lagoons! Now you’re probably wondering what sets this apart from other sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum, etc. And it’s this: Coba isn’t just one site! It consists of multiple sites that are all connected by the main pyramid by characteristic white roads called sacbéob. The three main attractions in Coba are Nohoch Mul (the main pyramid), Conjunto Pinturas (a spiritual area), and Macanxoc structures. You’ve got a wonderful menu of activities to choose from, such as biking through the main attractions, or if you’re more of a leisurely stroller, you can simply walk around and see sites such as the actual paintings on top of the Conjunto de Pinturas. If you aren’t in a mood for walking, no problem! Turn to the Mayan limo (a chauffeured tricycle) to take you around the ruins. Don’t miss this chance to experience the raw, rich history of the Mayans, and leave your footprints on the Yucatan! 

Coba Mexico


Now you know how to make the most of Cancun, Mexico! Looking to visit there sooner rather than later? Don’t forget the incredible Indian Destination Wedding Contest coming in April. wants to send you and your fiancé to Cancun for your very own, all expense paid, Indian destination wedding. Here are some initial contest details.

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Even though you’re in Cancún, your wedding festivities are going to happen with that desi “dhoom dham” and all the “ishq wala love” you can possibly dream of!


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