Most Fun And Popular Indian Wedding Games

If there’s one thing Bollywood’s representation gets right about Indian weddings, apart from the incessant dancing and mouth-watering food, it’s the fun filled games involved in various ceremonies of the wedding. While some of them are played between the bride and groom, others take it up a notch and require the couple’s kin to participate!

Here are a list of some wedding games you CAN NOT miss.

1. Untying the Knot

This involves tying a red sacred thread on the bride and groom’s wrists respectively. The bride has to undo the knot on the groom’s wrist and vice versa. Sounds simple? It isn’t! Both can only use one hand to undo the knots on each other’s wrists.

The saying goes that whoever is able to undo the knot first will be dominant and have more responsibility in the marriage.

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2. The Mehendi Maze

In most weddings, the bride’s mehendi includes an obscure, yet intricately detailed design in which her groom’s name is hidden. The groom must find his own name in the convoluted web of design. This game perhaps developed to get the couple comfortable and close to each each other.

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3. Curious Case of the Missing Brogue

This game is super fun for the bride’s side of the family, as it involves hiding the groom’s shoes without him getting a hint of it. This is usually done when the couple remove their shoes for the “pheras”. The bride’s cousins return the shoes only after an intense negotiation resulting in them getting cash or gifts from the groom.

This game is a way to welcome the groom into the family, through a goofy prank.

indian wedding games


4. The Ring Frenzy

A bowl of milk and rose petals is prepared, and the couple’s wedding rings, along with a few other objects, are immersed in it. Now the couple must find their ring in the concoction using only one hand. Whoever finds the ring first is said to have the upper hand in the marriage.

milky bowl


milky bowl 2


5. Dance/Singing Fest

The sangeet ceremony is the perfect time for a competition among family members. While a dancing fest involves rehearsed performances by the kin of the couple, the singing fest would directly translate to an intense round of family Antakshari! Be warned, though, these two games, involving entire families, can get super competitive and go on for hours!

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Know the most fun and popular games being played at traditional indian weddings.

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