When Is The Right Time To Buy Your Wedding Outfit?

Once the wedding date is fixed, the task of finding the perfect wedding outfit becomes the bride-to-be's primary (and sometimes only) concern. Some may call it an obsession even. But it is important to realize that looking spectacular on D-day is a woman's fantasy. She will do everything within her means to ensure this one dream comes true, and great lehengas aren't created overnight! It takes time to decide amongst options or design the masterpiece you are to put on, on your wedding day. Most brides struggle with timing.

Some begin the lehenga-hunt, all too quickly and end up being too confused/exhausted by the end. Others delay this important proceeding and are not satisfied with what they finally wear. So the question is, when should start looking for your wedding outfit? Here are some tips which might be of help.

1. The Wedding Date Will Decide. How close or far away the wedding date is will be the first determinant of your outfit-planning. If you're getting married in a month or two – well, there isn't any choice but to start looking asap. But if you have time, say about half a year or more, there is some breathing room for you to figure it out.Wedding date


2. Designer Clothing or Custom Designed? Another important question to consider is whether you want a custom-tailored wedding dress or some classy couture by some grand designer label. If it’s the latter option, you won’t need too much time. You can explore your options in about 2 weeks at most so get to work about 3 months before the wedding. If your outfit is going to be made from scratch, place the order about 7 – 8 months before the wedding. Yes, most boutiques are quite booked and take a while for such orders. Plus, you’ll have to go in for fittings, reviews and so on.Wedding dress

3. Time For The “Extras”. It’s not just the clothes you need to worry about. You have to choose the jewellery and shoes to match. It’s better to get started earlier to prevent running around looking for accessories just weeks away from your wedding! Ideally, your bridal ensemble should be completely ready about 45 days before the wedding.

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4. The Other Functions And Those Outfits. Most wedding ceremonies are preceded by multiple other events these days. What you wear on the Sangeet and Cocktail Party and so on can only be decided once the wedding attire is fixed. You wouldn’t want to wear the same colours or trends on two occasions right? So choose the bridal dress early and then you can decide what to wear at other functions.
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Most of engaged ladies find it difficult to decide when they should actually start looking for their wedding dress? To be fair, we've compiled a quick lookbook that can help them make the decision.

Wedding dress

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