Glimpses Of Vogue Wedding Show 2016 - The Conclusion

There isn’t much to be said about the final day of the Vogue Wedding Show 2016. And that’s not because there wasn’t much going on, in fact, just the opposite. The venue was abuzz with so much activity and excitement, it’s almost impossible to recount the experience in words. But we will try and give you some idea about what went down on Day III of this wedding couture mega-event.
Models showcasing wedding trends for the season at Day 3 of Vogue Wedding Show 2016 at Taj Palace, New Delhi
Models showcasing wedding looks at Day 3 of Vogue Wedding Show 2016 at Taj Palace, New Delhi (1)
The Jewellery Trials

There was no dearth of glittering gems at the show, thanks to displays by Amrapali, Diacolor - Fine Contemporary Jewels, Hazoorilal LEGACY – South Extension, Khanna Jewellers, Kishandas & Co. for Sabyasachi, HOUSE OF SURANA By Pankaj Surana, Mehta & Sons by Narendra S.M., Moksh - Fine Unseen Jewels, Raj Mahtani Couture Jewels, Rare Heritage and Sunita Shekhawat Jaipur and others. But on the final day, bigwigs such as Khanna Jewellers and Hazoorilal Legacy were offering jewellery trials at their pavilions. You can imagine how that had women up lining up to get their chance. We almost joined the queues ourselves!
Jewelery designer Sunita Shekhawat, Niharika Shekhawat, Maharaja of Jodhpur Gaj Singh Ji Marwar with Arjun Mehra, Publishing Director, Conde Nast India at Day 3 of Vogue Wedding Show 2016 at Taj Palace

The Masterclasses
There were two masterclasses by industry experts that had brides-to-be flocking to them in huge numbers. One was by dermatologist Harshna Bijlani who regaled the crowd with pre-wedding bridal prep tips. He talked about skincare and treatments that would be good for women who are about to tie the knot and when and how to about them.
Skincare specialist Harshna Bijlani at her masterclass session at Day 3 of Vogue Wedding Show 2016 at Taj Palace, New Delhi
The second masterclass by nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel was even more inviting. She offered numerous practical health hacks for the busy bride-to-be. She also discussed ways to get inspired and stick to one’s pre-wedding health goals. From what to eat and avoid, to how to work out effectively, Ms. Patel’s were received by a rapt, attentive audience.
The Stand Outs
We’ve already mentioned the industry stalwarts whose collections were in constant limelight. There were some, on the other hand, who were getting unexpectedly high amounts of attention. Shantanu & Nikhil, Tarun Tahiliani, as well as Misha Lakhani’s exhibit were flooded with ceaseless visitors and that can be attributed to the extraordinary uniqueness of their creations and concept.
Designer Shantanu and Nikhil at Vogue Wedding Show 2016 at Taj Palace New Delhi
Designer Tarun Tahiliani with Designer Misha Lakhani at Day 3 of Vogue Wedding Show 2016 at Taj Palace, New Delhi
Also, since Varun Bahl, Anita Dongre and Gaurav Gupta were present on location and charmingly open to personal interactions; their pavilions saw many future brides and grooms rushing to them.
Designer Varun Bahl with Conde Nast India's Naveena Guleria at Day 3 of Vogue Wedding Show 2016 at Taj Palace, New Delhi
All in all, the Vogue Wedding Show 2016 ended on a note of absolute delight and fulfilment. Those who found their dream outfits or jewellery or even the freebies that were being given out, surely had quite a wonderful time. We enjoyed thoroughly too for voguish eye-candy is always a pleasure!

The final day of Vogue Wedding Show 2016 kept all attendees on their toes. Read everything you need to know about the last day at Vogue Event.

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