Top 5 Entrance Songs For Your Big Day

The bride making her grand entry is something every wedding guest awaits with bated breath. After hours and hours of preparation, dressing and makeup, the vision of the decked up belle of the hour is certainly something to behold. To make the bride's entrance truly momentous, you need the perfect music to match. Here are some ideas for top wedding entrance songs you could have playing when you head out to tie the knot on D-day!

1. Heer (Jab Tak Hai Jaan)- This is a soft, divine melody that will complement the slow, regal walk of the bride brilliantly. And if you pay attention to the lyrics, they are an ode to love that is eternal and pure. It's hard to think of something more fitting to kickstart your bridal journey.


2. Raabta (Agent Vinod) - A song from the movie Agent Vinod which perhaps not many saw, this tune is wedding walk appropriate in its own way. It has the voice of Arijit Singh and charm of amazing melodies. Have this playing while you walk in will surely bring a smile on the face of not only the couple but the guests too.


3. Tune Maari Entriyan - This one is for the modern, carefree bride who wants to make her entrance with a Bang! A fun, flirty song that speaks of grand entrances and hopeless lovers, if you want to keep the mood light in what usually is a somber moment; this is the song for you.


Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai) - If you want to keep it simple, have this one played as your entrance song. This one is sure to tug at a few heart-strings.


Ek Din Aap Yun (Yes Boss) - This one from Yes Boss was a hit when it released and will be one if played at your wedding. Combining powerful nice lyrics with a beautifully rendered tune and voice, this song is romance in melody. An ideal choice for couples madly in love!

So these are some options you have but keep in mind, no matter what song you choose to enter your wedding party to, all eyes are going to be on you anyway! The music will just set the general mood for the proceedings! You may as well be careful and choose a song beforehand so the vibe at your marriage ceremony suits your personality and romantic journey!

The decision of picking your entry song when the spotlight is on you can be extremely difficult to make. To make it easy, we've compiled a list our favorites that'll definitely create an impact.


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