Summer Essentials for Every Indian Bride

It's the unofficial kick-off to summer here in the U.S. and the heat is in full effect which got us thinking about those summer time weddings. Sure the weather allows for outdoor ceremonies, nature filled portraits and bright colored parasols to shield your guests from the heat, but what about some of the not so picturesque parts of a summer wedding? We're talking about the shiny hues on your face, the sometimes puffy body parts that come from the dreaded water retention and yes the humidity that wreaks havoc on your perfect spiraled curls! Never fear though we've compiled a list that will have you prepared for every possible heat induced disaster!


Blotting paper like the Shiseido Pureness Oil-Controling Blotting Papers are perfect for combating that unwanted shine without taking off your makeup. You'll keep your bronzer glow without that sweaty hue!


Bobby Pins! Just when you think you've packed enough throw in two more packs because when the humidity gets going the hair gets rising. Pop in some perfectly placed pins to make sure your updo doesn't budge!


Speaking of updos make sure your bridal suite is equipped with humidity hairspray like the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hairspray. A couple spritzes before you walk down the aisle will ensure your photographer's zoom lense doesn't pick up those stray hairs!


Clear stick deodorant applied after your ensemble is fully on! Clear so it doesn't smudge but if god forbid it does create some friction on the fabric to heat it up and the deodorant stain will come right off!

Can you think of any we forgot? Tweet us and let us know!

Summer essentials for every bride's wedding day emergency bag!


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