Multicultural Colorful Indian Wedding by Jennifer Wagner Photography

We are back today with a multicultural hindu wedding ceremony and portraits by Jennifer Wagner Photography. The bride and groom, Aparajitha and Sean, were married at the gorgeous Longwood Gardens and took advantage of their outdoor landscape to take the most gorgeous portraits. A fun tidbit- since Sean is hispanic this was actually the first indian ceremony he ever attended!

1a indian wedding bride

2a indian wedding groom

4a indian wedding milni

5a indian wedding ceremony

"The most memorable part of the entire day was all the family who traveled out from various parts of the country to come be with us. Even more, they partook in the wedding and did things as they would have for their own children. The overwhelming amount of love was truly humbling." - Aparajitha

3a indian wedding ceremony

2a indian wedding bride

""Being a part of an Indian Ceremony felt like an honor to be a part of an age old tradition. It had been something I was looking forward to for some time given how important this was to Aparajitha and her family. Being that she is the only daughter it had an even richer feeling that we were able to share this momentous occasion in the presence of our families." Sean


11a indian wedding portrait

10a indian wedding portrait

Thank you so much to Jennifer Wagner Photography for submitting today's wedding and congratulations to the happy couple!

Delaware Indian Wedding VendorsPhotographer- Jennifer Wagner/ Henna- Heirlooms and extras/ Venue-Longwood Gardens

Gorgeous Multicultural Hindu Wedding Ceremony by Jennifer Wagner Photography

2a indian wedding bride

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