Outdoor Multicultural Indian Wedding Video by the McKellars

It might be the unofficial end to summer here in the Northeast but today's CineMonday is just heating up! We're featuring a multicultural wedding video filmed by The McKellars! Below they share tidbits from this memorable shoot:
Where to even begin talking about this amazing event? The two things every filmmaker wants were present in full force: beautiful bright eye candy and a loving, expressive bride and groom. Being that it was a Hindu wedding, there was plenty of sparkle and color with all the lovely jewelry, bright saris, lush flowers, and rich draping, plus all the ceremonial items such as flowers and leaves, rice, fire, vermillion powder, coconuts, and more. Not only was everything beautiful to look at, but it smelled good, and the music was interesting, and there were smiles and laughter in abundance. Truly a feast for all senses!

Must See Moments:

  • The groom's sweet vows

  • Aditi's beautiful jewelry

  • Nate's man mehndi!

  • The bride and groom playfully competing in their post ceremony games

  • Their gorgeous rings!

Aditi & Nate's Wedding Highlights from The McKellars on Vimeo.

Outdoor Multicultural Indian Wedding Video by the McKellars

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