Hindu Indian New Jersey Wedding by Gary Flom Photography

We're heading to New Jersey today for the memorable wedding of Sagar and Namrata documented by Gary Flom Photography. Sagar and Namrata were hit by cupid's arrow when the two met via dating site OKcupid.com. After a whirlwind courtship which included skydiving in Santa Cruz followed by an amazing wedding proposal, the couple planned their dream Indian wedding!

Gary Flom Photography was on hand to capture all of their wedding events ranging from the Garba, Grah Shanti and Pithi, to the wedding and reception! Throughout the post Namrata shares all of the behind the scenes planning that went into her dream day!

4a indian wedding bride and groom sangeet 5a indian wedding bride and groom 7a indian wedding decor staging 10a indian wedding dhandiya sticks 11a indian wedding garba
For the wedding ceremony look, we wanted to go for a Jodha-Akbar type of style. My mom and I researched a TON before we found my ideal wedding outfit. It had a quite a bit of peacock prints on it...so with that and the Jodha Akbar look, we created a unique theme that combined both those elements when it came to decorating the mandap and deciding the look of the wedding ceremony. My makeup/hair artist, Sanjana Vaswami, took my idea and truly delivered by making me feel like a maharani the day of!

19a indian wedding lengha 21a indian wedding bridal look 22a indian wedding lengha 24a indian wedding mehndi 26a indian wedding bride and groom 28a indian wedding portrait 33a indian wedding drinks

Love these little tropical Lassi glasses guests were served during the ceremony. Totally festive and refreshing!

34a indian wedding outdoor ceremony 36a indian wedding bride and groom 40a indian wedding hindu ceremony 41a indian wedding hindu ceremony 42a indian wedding ceremony 44a indian wedding just married 45a indian wedding shot glasses
For the reception, I knew I loved the colors gold and purple because they still carried on that royal look yet give the reception decor a very warm and romantic feel with a lot of candles everywhere. My reception outfit was a custom designed gown created by Neeta Lulla in Mumbai. The top of the gown was more like a corset top with a gown flowing down. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

47a indian wedding bridal makeup 48a indian wedding bridal car

Can't get enough of these portraits? Make sure to visit the photo gallery to see more!

50a indian wedding bride and groom 51a indian wedding outdoor portrait 52a indian wedding bride and groom portrait
For our cocktail hour we had some amazing ice sculptures to represent the three places that connected us(LOVE sign, for Philly where we met; Empire State building for where we fell in love, and a skydiving parachute for our proposal). We also had a lady dressed in cabaret style serving hors d’oeuvres in a Martini glass (both were through Moghul Catering), which guests found very innovative and were taken by a pleasant surprise.

56a indian wedding reception decor 57a indian wedding reception table 58a indian wedding staging 59a indian wedding purple cake

This cake and cake topper are so cute! Clearly we have a little basketball rivalry going on between our bride and groom!

62a indian wedding reception dance 64a indian wedding reception dance 65a indian wedding reception dancing

Thank you so much to Namrata and Sagar as well as Gary Flom Photography for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us.

Make sure to check out the photo gallery to see all of the pictures from today!


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