Big Fat Greek Indian Wedding in Santorini Greece

Welcome to the "Big Fat Greek Indian Wedding!" Today we are headed to Santorini, Greece, to celebrate Philpa and Manish's fabulous destination Indian wedding! I cannot wait until you see the incredible images of the wedding, taken by Vangelis Photography. The bride and groom are glowing against the pristine white and blue background that Santorini is so majestically known for. Be forewarned: the images you are about to see will get you ready to pack your bags and head over the pond to Greece!

1a-Bridal Jewelry and shoes

3a- bride putting on payal

4a- bride getting ready

5a- dancing during bharaat

7a- Bharaat

The bride and groom stated that once they saw Santorini they fell in love with the island and its people. The wedding ceremony was at gorgeous Cavo Ventus, which is a luxury villa in Santorini. I cannot get enough of the beautiful view- it almost seems unreal!

9a- outdoor mandaap in greece

12a- bride during outdoor hindu ceremony

13a- outdoor hindu wedding ceremony greece

15a- hindu wedding ceremony

17a- bride and groom holding hands

19a- bride and groom greeting guests

20a- hindu wedding ceremony

I love the change of colors and outfits for the civil ceremony. For additional images of the wedding - please check out our photo gallery!

23a- bride and groom before wedding ceremony

24a- outdoor wedding ceremony in Greece

I love this shot from above- it's a great way to capture all the fun! The bridesmaids are definitely doing a great job with haggling with the groom!

25a- bridal party hustling groom for money

26a- outdoor wedding portraits

The reception was held at Theros Wave Bar (which is on the south side of the island and is known for its crystal clear water and fine black sand) and the floral designs were done by Wedding Wish Santorini.

27a- outdoor reception decor in greece

28a- bridal party dancing

I'm totally smitten by the smiles of the gorgeous couple- and this exceptional action shot during the toasts!

29a- couple standing up for the toast

30a- guests dancing on dance floor

Of course a wedding this fabulous should have fireworks-- how romantic!

31a- couple looking at fireworks

Thank you to the super talented Vangelis Photography for submitting this glamorous fusion Indian wedding! Congratulations to the lovely couple! To see all of the photos from today’s wedding make sure to visit the couple's photo gallery and our Facebook page for more inspiration!!

Big Fat Greek Indian Wedding in Santorini Greece

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