CineMonday- Sikh Indian Wedding Video by Diva Studios

Happy Monday! We're back to kick off the week with a captivating wedding video by Diva Studios. Today's wedding takes place in Canada where the bride and groom, Mandeep and Rashpaul, had a colorful Sikh vatna, wedding and reception. The groom was dressed in a traditional beige and red achkin with red turban while the bride was glistening in gold shoes, gorgeous studded jewelry and a printed red anarkhali!

Diva Studios did a wonderful job capturing days of wedding events and blending it into one cohesive story! Definitely the perfect keepsake for the couple!


  • The touching speeches in the beginning

  • Mandeep's outfits and accessories- enough said!

  • The making of the rangoli

  • Jade green bridal party outfits

  • The couple's sweet portrait session

  • The super cute trivia and shoe negotiations between Mandeep's side and the groom's side

  • The bhangra performers


Rashpaul + Mandeep from DIVA studios on Vimeo.

CineMonday- Sikh Indian Wedding Video by Diva Studios

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