CineMonday: San Francisco Indian Wedding Video by Alan Larsen Films

Happy CineMonday! Today we are featuring such a sweet and endearing wedding video by Alan Larsen Films, and I am so excited for you to see it! Our couple today, Bijel and Sejal, absolutely come alive in their wedding video. From the thousands of smiles they flashed on their wedding day, the sweet narratives they wrote to each other, and the way they busted out moves anytime they could, you can really tell how much fun this couple is in person! Not only were their décor and outfits gorgeous, but their wedding venue was absolutely STUNNING. It truly felt like they were getting married in an Italian castle when in reality they managed to find this gem in the form of City Hall in San Francisco, CA! Without further ado, Bijel and Sejal's wedding!


  • Stunning dome and shot of the wedding ceremony- GORGEOUS

  • The emotion on Sejal's face as she walks down the aisle

  • Bijel's sister's playful and emotional speech- totally heartwarming

  • Bijel and Sejal reciting their vows together

  • Bijel and Sejal happily dancing down the aisle and during their portrait shoot!

  • The AMAZING colorful tiered cake

  • Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks!!

Bijel & Sejal // Wedding Film from Alan Larsen on Vimeo.

CineMonday: San Francisco Indian Wedding Video by Alan Larsen Films

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