UK Indian Wedding Video by Deneemotion Wedding Cinema

Today we are back with a beautiful CineMonday shot by the wonderful visual artists at Deneemotion Wedding Cinema. Our featured couple, Nikki and Amish, had a gorgeous Hindu ceremony in the UK! This whole video brought a huge smile to my face. The bride and groom are absolutely glowing and I love how Deneemotion Wedding Cinema captured every facet of the day from the silly parts, to the serious parts, to the fun parts- makes me feel like I was in attendance!


  • Amish playfully joking around with Nikki during his wedding toast to her

  • Nikki's father nodding his head of approval as Amish toasts to how wonderful Nikki is

  • Beautiful shot of the mandap

  • Nikki giggling when her and Amish get their first looks at each other- so cute!

  • Confetti bursting out as Nikki and Amish have their first dance on the lit up dance floor!

Nikki & Amish | and I will always... from Deneemotion Wedding Cinema on Vimeo.

UK Indian Wedding Video by Deneemotion Wedding Cinema

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