CineMonday: Shimul and Amish

So you're thinking about planning your reception entrance and struggling between a few songs that will get your guests excited and on their feet when you walk in? But why not get them excited even before you walk in?

If you've been following the blog for a while, you know I'm an absolute sucker for a concept film. They let the couple's personalities shine and get everyone from the friends to the aunties excited. Even the shyest couples can create a great film when teamed up with the right cinematographer.

On to today's CineMonday, I have a great example for you created by NV Wedding Films for Shimul and Amish. These two are absolutely adorable and I guarantee big smiles on your faces this beautiful Monday morning after you watch this one!

Shimul & Amish - Concept Film from Nayeem Vohra | NV Wedding Films on Vimeo.

CineMonday: Shimul and Amish

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