Indian Wedding Film by Love Story Media

CineMonday is back and we have the perfect wedding film to kick off the year. I love the non-traditional aspects of this wedding, like the bride's gorgeous white reception dress. Naveen and Jeevan managed to perfectly pull off a wedding that was conservative and modern all at once. A necessary combination when you're looking to please your family and your own tastes.

I'm loving the styling of this film, created by Love Story Media. This Vancouver based team planned every second of this film with a careful eye and weaved in the bride and groom's emotions with eye-catching cinematic shots.

Must-See Moments:

  • The bride's unique white salwar kameez with red accents

  • The ring shot! Make sure your volume is turned up.

  • The white dress and stunning red heels

  • The bride's jeweled white wedding bouquet

Naveen ♥ Jeevan ... SDE from Love Story Media on Vimeo.

From Love Story Media: "In our creative meeting for this video Naveen and Jeevan said, 'Just do what you do.' Which is? Mood and emotion built out of authentic moments. A couple of off-the-cuff comments from the bride and groom set the tone for the video. After introducing our characters we let the calm, meditative mood sink in. A ring shot filmed atop a tabla drum kicks off the second half of the video. It all leads up to an NFL-style entrance and a gorgeous first dance. Nothing better than a couple that tells us to let loose - and then leads by example!"

Indian Wedding Film by Love Story Media

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