Indian Reception Intro Film by Jas Motion

We just announced the winner of our October Photo of the Month Contest! Make sure to head over to our Facebook page to check out the fabulous work of Photos by Priya & Alex.

As if that wasn't the perfect start to the work week, it's CineMonday! Remember our adorable couple from Friday (with the traditional Punjabi Sangeet and damask and crystal reception)? Well, this creative couple worked with the team at Jas Motion to create a fun film to be shown right before their entrance.

I'm in love with the style of this "Firsts" video - covering everything from Priya and Pankaj's hilarious first meeting to everything they love about one another.

Sugary sweet and laugh-out-loud funny rolled into just a couple minutes. Don't miss this one!

"Firsts" from Jas Motion on Vimeo.

Wish you could see their wedding live? We have just what you're looking for coming up in a couple hours so make sure to check back!

Indian Reception Intro Film by Jas Motion

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