Indian Love Story Film by Suburban Video

Happy CineMonday lovely brides-to-be (and wedding lovers!) I have THE sweetest film to share with you today.

You know those over-the-top lovey dovey couples that just warm your heart? Well, Vik and Ritu fit that description perfectly. They chose the amazing team at Suburban Video to capture their love story and share with the 400+ guests at their wedding reception. The video actually received a standing ovation and I'm not surprised at all!

We shared a carnival engagement session with you last week - now get ready for a love story filmed during a carnival. My favorite line from the whole film comes from the bride-to-be: "If I haven't seen him for a couple days, I can not wait to see him. I feel like everything is right in the world when I see him."

I die! And don't miss the close-up of the stunning engagement ring!

LOVE how beautifully Suburban Video in Washington D.C. weaved together the couple's playful and intimate moments with the story of their entire relationship. Now go enjoy the rest of your Monday with a smile on your face, and we'll see you tomorrow =)

Indian Love Story Film by Suburban Video

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