Swetha and Jiten Wedding Film by GT Modern Creations

I'm so excited about today's CineMonday! Our loyal readers will remember the huge contest we had a few months ago where we teamed up with the fabulous team at GT Modern Creations to offer a complete cinematography package to a lucky couple. Congratulations again to newlyweds Swetha and Jiten!

I love wedding films with drama. No, I don't mean "I can't believe she wore that!" drama. It's the dramatic background score and spotlighting of intricate details that I can't resist. GT Modern Creations beautifully captured the elements of this Hindu wedding in their very first Indian wedding film production. Though many of us have seen wedding after wedding and may skip over many things, I love when a passionate non-Indian filmmaker pours their heart into picking up on all of those little details.


  • The beautiful bride's entrance on a gold doli

  • Layers of gold jewelry for this traditional bride!

  • The peak at the gorgeous blue reception stage (love the elephants!)

Swetha & Jiten Wedding Highlight from GT Modern Creations on Vimeo.

"We are thrilled to premeire our first Indian Wedding Film for Swetha and Jiten, whose beautiful wedding took place at the Hyatt Hotel in New Jersey. It was an absolutely beautiful experience and we loved every minute of it! We can’t begin to thank Swetha and Jiten enough for allowing us to participate in such a beautiful tradition, and to Sonia Kaur from IndianWeddingSite.com for coordinating the contest this amazing couple won to have our services on their big day.

The first day of filming began with Swetha's Mehndi Party, which was a celebration where she along with the other women of her family got henna on their hands, arms and feet, in preparation for the wedding day. Seeing the henna transition from nothing to artwork was so beautiful, and such a treat for us to film. The night was also filled with beautiful dances and performances from her cousins. The next day began bright and early on Sunday morning, when we filmed Swetha getting her hair and makeup done for their ceremony, which was followed by a gorgeous reception filled with non stop dancing. Swetha, Jiten and their guests truly know how to party and it was a pleasure for us to film the happiness that filled the room that night.

Swetha and Jiten, we left your wedding with the most amazing feeling. Your day was so beautiful and filled with so many colors, decor, traditions, and details; which were such a pleasure for us to film and capture from behind our cameras. It left us wanting to learn more and more about the culture and was such a great experience for us to have before our trip to India. We wish you so much happiness in life and love.

Special thanks to our amazing team, Michelle and Faenny, who helped us film all the special details of the day. It was a blast sharing this experience with you.

We hope you enjoy the film!"

Swetha and Jiten Wedding Film by GT Modern Creations

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