Wedding Theme Inspiration: Elephants

Elephants are considered a sacred symbol by many Indians and they've played an important role in Indian weddings for many centuries. Elephants are symbols of good luck and good fortune, something every bride and groom need to start off their new life together. So why not have an elegant elephant themed wedding and begin your married life with good luck and prosperity?

Although it’s not practical for the groom to ride into the mandap on an elephant, 

here are some other ideas for incorporating this adorable animal into your wedding.

1. Wedding Invitations

Give out wedding invitations with an elephant logo or engraving on them. This is a simple way to incorporate the image of the elephant into your wedding. The invitation is the first thing guests will see in so it gets you off to a good start. Then you can stop the elephant theme there or include it in the rest of your desi wedding with these other ideas.

Elephant Themed Invite Indian Wedding

2. Centerpieces

Elephant centerpieces can be a unique addition to the tables at your wedding reception. Not only do they look beautiful, they are practical too, like this white elephant vase that also holds flowers.


3. Wedding favors

Favors are another great and simple way to add to elephant-themed weddings. They are cute, they bring good luck and guests can take the luck home with them! There are so many different ideas such as mini paperweight elephants, elephant cookies, ivory elephant tea light holders or silver elephant place card holders. 


4. Cake

The wedding cake is the perfect way to bring the good fortune of the elephant to your wedding and all the guests. It looks over the whole wedding reception and then brings more prosperity as each guests takes a piece for themselves. There are many different ideas for elephant wedding cakes from cake toppers to cakes in the actual shape of an elephant. 


Looking for a theme for your big day? How about elephants!

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