Amazing ideas for destination weddings you have to steal

Do you fancy having a destination wedding? Do you think that just because you’re having a destination wedding, you can’t add a personal touch? Think again! Here are a few creative ideas that are perfect for all types of couples. Whether you’re a globe-trotting pair or you want to incorporate a little bit of your destination’s local culture into your wedding theme, these amazing ideas for destination weddings will make you want to seal the deal with your partner creatively in an exotic location of your choice.

Maximizing the view

Remember, you’ve chosen to get married in a foreign location for a reason! If you’re having your wedding ceremony by the beach, make sure that you and your guests get a stunning view of the beach during the ceremony. Blocking the view by being in a ballroom without windows will nullify the idea of having your wedding at an exotic location. So, instead of shutting yourself indoors, opt for a gazebo that’s on the beach to gain maximum bang for your buck.


Turn favorite cities into centerpieces

Choose a couple of cities that you and your partner have traveled to as a couple and turn those cities into centerpieces. This is a great idea for globe-trotting couples who wish to show their guests their adventurous side. If you and your partner haven’t been to a whole lot of cities yet, you can choose the cities on your bucket list that you wish to travel to as a couple and turn those into creative centerpieces. That way, instead of having table numbers, your guests will be seated at either ‘Paris’, ‘London’ or any another fun city.

Have a 'Beach shoe Station'

If you’re having a beach wedding, give your guests the chance to feel the wind in their hair and the sand beneath the soles of their feet. Encourage your guests to ditch their heels and shoes at the ‘beach shoe station’ you’ve created. This way, they’ll not only feel more comfortable walking on the sand, but this is also an excellent opportunity to add cute details to your destination wedding.


Host a welcome barbecue

Destination weddings are intimate affairs. Generally, a destination wedding is a gathering of a few people who are very close to the wedding couple. Since it is likely that your intimate group of people will be meeting each other for the first time, hosting a welcome barbecue party on the night of their arrival will help them get better acquainted with one another and this will set the tone for the rest of your wedding.


Have guests sign vintage postcards

Instead of having a regular book where guests can leave well wishes for the wedding couple, create and printout a few vintage postcards. You can scatter these postcards on a table with a chalkboard sign that says ‘Postcards for well wishes’ or something more creative and fun. Once guests sign these postcards, they can clip their writings on to a string of wooden framework. This will add a cute touch to your wedding setting.


Create midnight munchies bags

Since you’re hosting a destination wedding, your guests are going to be with you even after the wedding ceremony and reception is over. Don’t let them stay hungry at any hour. Create a midnight munchies bag for each of your guests and hand them their bag when they are heading back to the hotel. The bag can include an energy bar, cake pops, cookies and salty popcorn to satiate the hunger they may have worked up on the dance floor.

Opt for local entertainers

Do you want to book entertainers to amp up your cocktail hour or to make your dance party unforgettable? Opt for local entertainers to add a touch of your destination’s local culture to your wedding. For instance, if your wedding location is known for its burlesque dancers, you can hire them to welcome your guests to the tent. Similarly, if your choice of location is famous for fire eaters and swing dancers, you can bring them on board to energize the dance floor late into the evening.


Beaches in the Caribbean and in Mexico are the perfect wedding getaway as they have lavish all-inclusive resorts that can cater to your every need. While you’re shortlisting the perfect location for your wedding destination, don’t forget to take a look at these steal-worthy ideas as these will make your wedding memorable just like you want it to be!


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Are you having a destination wedding? These amazing ideas will help you plan a fun wedding that will make your guests go gaga. Take a look!


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