CineMonday: “Butterfly” Indian Wedding at the Moon Palace Grand by Dreams Gate Films

Today on CineMonday, an emotional Indian Wedding inspired by a the memory of the bride’s father. At the 0:40 mark, notice how the family shares a deeply personal vision of bride Disha, and how she herself incorporates that beautiful butterfly into her mehndi.

Small piece of advice for future grooms -- yes, select lightweight attire for the hot Cancun sun, but make sure it is not a pull over if you intend to ride a horse. Note how Kunal’s outfit bunches up at 11:06. A traditional achkin that buttons all the way to the waist with a slit to bottom, would have served a more elegant look atop a horse.

By the way, these magic moments were all elegantly captured and woven into the couple’s personal journey by the fabulous Luis Paredes of Cancun’s Dreams Gate Films.

This wondrous wedding took place at the Moon Palace Grand adjacent to the iconic Moon Palace in Cancun. Below is a review from TripAdvisor:

We stayed at the new Grand section of the Moon Palace for 2 nights in March. It is a great, quiet property that is gorgeously landscaped. The rooms are the largest I have seen anywhere and include a full size Jacuzzi in the master bedroom suite.

We enjoyed being able to hop on a golf cart of lobby to lobby bus when we wanted more excitement at the Nizuc and Sunrise sides of the resort.

The Moon Palace gives you 4 distinctively different experiences depending on which side of the property you stay on.  

Click to see full size map:


Make sure to check out our Indian Weddings Video page for more inspiration.

An emotional Indian Wedding video inspired by a the memory of the bride’s father.


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