Gorgeous Manchester Indian Wedding by Stellify Productions

Prepare to have your breath taken away with today's Manchester wedding captured by Stellify Productions. Our bride and groom, Tania and Raj, had a dual ceremony event with their outfits only getting more exquisite than the last. Tania is truly a vision. Her smile is radiant, her eyelashes are envied and her jewelry is unreal!

Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0002 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0004-2

I love the details on Tania's custom made wedding dress. The bustier style in the back followed by the perfectly tied bow in the front and  the lace piping all around is unbelievable. Her small white bouquet and pearls accessorized her dress just the right amount!

Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0007 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0010

This next series of images is fresh out of a bollywood celebrity wedding. Stellify Productions did such an amazing job of capturing every single details from this wedding- it feels like we're right there!


Raj's wedding day attire is the best balance between regal and stylish at the same time. I love that they chose to go with a dark green color with the gold piping- it really stands out! Tania complemented Raj with her green and red lengha and her stunning gold kundan jewelry!

Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0014 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0015 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0018 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0020 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0022 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0024 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0027 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0030 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0032

When I saw the backdrop of this Mandap my jaw literally fell to the floor! It's a full wall of white perfectly picked roses!!


These portraits by Stellify Productions is really just a gorgeous work of art. I love how they used the architecture around them to create these whimsical images!

Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0038 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0039 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0040

For their reception Raj and Tania had the most unique metallic cake- I've never seen anything like it! Three tiers of mixed shiny metallic shimmer with designs etched in and flowers used as props- amazing!

Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0046 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0048 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0053 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0055 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0059 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0065 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0066 Manchester_Midland_Hotel_Wedding_0073

Thank you so much to Stellify Productions for submitting this one-of-a-kind wedding and congratulations to the happy couple!


Gorgeous Manchester Indian Wedding by Stellify Productions

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