Nepali and Punjabi Wedding Reception - Sraddha & Harmit IV

This regal couple rolled out the red carpet for the family's entrances and got the stage decor and lighting perfectly in sync!

From the bride: "The couple also wanted to infuse their fun-loving personality into their wedding and proceeded to by making their reception enjoyable for all.  Harmit and Sraddha personalized a rendition of the hit show “The Dating Game” and screened it to their unsuspecting and very amused guests prior to entering their reception.  Entering to a standing ovation of their acting debut, the couple followed with their first dance to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dreams.  The rest of the night was filled with loving speeches, amazing food, contagious laughter, tremendous energy and many many warm memories!"

Congrats to the beautiful couple, and a big thank you to Phindy Studios and Catchlight Cinema for the submission! Don't forget to join us on CineMonday when we'll showcase a film filled with the details from this fusion wedding!

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Wedding Professionals:

Photography - Phindy Studios
Cinematography - Catchlight Cinema
Venue - Downtown Nashville Sheraton
Décor - Natasha Décor
Florist - Jerry Hankins
Catering - Sitar Restaurant
DJ - Sahil K
Cake - Covered with Icing

Nepali and Punjabi Wedding Reception - Sraddha & Harmit IV

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