Utah Multicultural Indian Wedding - Irina and Ryan (1)

Hellllo, lovely brides-to-be! We have a beautiful wedding to share with you and I especially love this one because there are tons of personal details from the bride!

One of the first decisions you will make when you start planning your wedding is the location. This can be especially tricky for couples with large families in different states. So what are some of your options?

  • Flip a coin

  • Have the wedding in one location (usually the bride's hometown) and the reception in another (groom's hometown)

  • Choose a location based on family needs (i.e. you have close family who can not fly to another location so you choose to have the wedding near them)

  • Choose a location that would require the least amount of travel for the majority of your guests

  • Destination. Wedding.

Our couple, Irina and Ryan, both lived in Canada when Ryan proposed and had family across the globe. Here's how they chose their location.

"Given that we both live in Ottawa, and my family is all over the place (my sister in Minnesota and my parents in Beijing, China, and we're from Bangladesh originally), we were wondering where we would have the wedding. We didn't want to wait too long, and no matter where it was, my family would have to fly there. Ryan's family mostly lives in Utah, so we decided that at least one side of the wedding could remain where they were, and so we picked Salt Lake City, Utah as the wedding venue."

We have their wedding ceremony coming right up so make sure you check back!

Wedding Professionals: Photography - Opie Foto / Venue - Memorial House / Catering - Utah Food Services / Cake - Wedding Cakes by Dawna / Entertainment - DJ Moazzem of Emkay International / Hair and Makeup - Janae at Lunatic Fringe / Florist - Kathy Swiss, Pleasant Grove / Centerpieces - Stephanie Long / Bride's Saree - Tangail Kutir, Dhaka, Bangladesh / Bride's Dress - Silk Street Market, Beijing, China / Groom's Sherwani - Orly in Kolkata, India / Groom's Suit - Hugo Boss, Ottawa

Utah Multicultural Indian Wedding - Irina and Ryan (1)

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