Destination Indian Wedding in Udaipur India - 5

In the past four blog posts I have focused on admiring all of the décor, scenery, and lighting at this couple's destination wedding extravaganza, but now I am so excited to marvel at their gorgeous ensembles! First off let's talk about the the bride's mehndi - have you ever seen anything more intricate? I also adore the beading on her lengha choli, it is so unexpected to be paired with a floral print lengha but it works so well together! And lastly how could I not comment on her unbelievable kundan jewelry-ugh swooning!

Now onto the groom. From afar his kurta looks simple, but when you get up close you notice that it is anything but. The patterns perfectly complement his bride without overshadowing her outfit. I must say Whitebox Weddings did a great job capturing the patterns in the background, and having them enhance the couple's portrait shots without overpowering them- no easy feat!


We are almost at the end of our two day wedding marathon. Next up, the conclusion!

Destination Indian Wedding in Udaipur India - 5

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