Trip Planning

We are here to make sure you get the best rates by booking your guests as a group. We make sure they are prepared with regard to travel visas, travel insurance, airport connections, airport-to-resort transfers, whether your guests are from the same city or even different countries. And what about before and after the wedding? Are you planning on visit your destination wedding resort in advance -- we can help you get a discount. Are you planning to go on a honeymoon in addition to your destination wedding -- we can help maximize your loyalty points.

In addition wedding planning services, IWD will identify the pros and cons to help you make the right travel decisions for your group. Each of our service bundles include our travel services.

Group Bookings

There are discounts to be had if you book as one group. If so, the resorts and airlines require deposits to book a block of hotel rooms or a block of seats on a flight. The less the airline or the hotel has to do in coordinating deposit collection (not to mention the final payment), the more you will typically save on your group rate. That’s why IWD does the legwork of collecting the deposits from your guests.

When the travel is finally booked, forms have to be filled out including the correct names that match official travel documents like passports. Who is going to double check that is done and who is going to manage the situation when it's not done right? That’s what IWD is here for.

The disparity of incomes in a large group typically means you’ll have some rich uncles or aunties who don’t want to travel coach -- they may want an upgrade. That to will impact the work the airline has to do thus impacting your group rate. Thus penalties or surcharges could become applicable that impact your group rates. We’ll help mitigate.

Also keep in mind that not all of your guests will know how to get their travel documents. Some may not be sophisticated enough to login into an airline or resort website to print them off. Someone needs to make sure everyone arrives at the airport or resort with the proper paperwork or (virtual paperwork). We’ll be there with the right support for you and your guests.

Multiple Gateways and Travel Visas

Consider that some of your guests may be from other cities within North America. If so, that may mean different departure airports (or what they call gateways in travel speak). If you are trying to arrange a group rate, your airline may need to service multiple gateways. We’ll help make sure we get the right airline to match the profile of your diverse group.

If some of those guests are from a country other than USA or Canada, a tourist visa may be required for your destination. For example, if you have relatives travelling from India and your destination wedding is in Mexico, those India passport holders will each need a Mexico tourist visa. If they are important enough to you to want to invite them from halfway across the world, we’ll make sure reminders are sent to get this done on time.

Transfers & Travel Insurance

Another thing to consider is transport to and from the airport. Yes, all-inclusive resorts have everything you’ll ever need while staying there. But first, you have to get to the hotel. That means taxis, shuttles, buses, or private transfers. In most instances, private companies can be booked to transport your guests en masse to your hotel in vans or buses. It’s recommended that these transfers be booked well in advance of your arrival date. We know the intricacies of airport to hotel transportation to ensure you and your guests make it to the hotel and back on time, economically and in style.

And don’t forget travel insurance. We make sure we utilize airlines and booking websites that offer proper travel insurance. In group booking situations, that typically requires some additional legwork, determining which guests are opting in and which are opting out. We’ll help manage that process making it convenient and easy to understand.

Site Inspections & Honeymoons

We work very closely with our resort partners. Our own size allows us to provide you with special access and superior rates to these venues. In many cases, we can even make it possible for you to visit a specific resort before your big day. These are called Site Inspections. Many resorts offer deals in the form of site-inspection rates. Typically rebates are offered on the site-inspection room rate once you book that particular resort for your wedding.

Will your destination wedding be your honeymoon location as well, or do you plan to scoot away for a few more days somewhere private? That sort of booking should also be done with some forethought. Are you going to yet another country for your honeymoon or do you just plan to stay a little longer than the guests for some of that well earned private time?

If you plan to fly off again, for your honeymoon right from your destination wedding resort, keep in mind you’ll be packing along all of your wedding outfits. And the longer you are gone, the more luggage space you will need. If you prefer staying in the same city on the same trip, we can still help you get more privacy by arrange a second hotel for your honeymoon. And if that second hotel is part of the same chain, you may be able to use or earn more loyalty points. IWD will help you figure that all out.

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