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Music Masti Magic

(972) 836-6972

| Dallas | United States TX 75063

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As a full-service entertainment provider Music Masti Magic has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for nearly a decade. Going beyond DJ services, we provide you with customized event planning and coordination, rentals and more! Our knowledgeable event coordinators will sit with you and plan a special event that fits any budget. At Music Masti Magic, we are experts at customizing everything from small family gatherings to large corporate events and everything in between. You want a fairy tale wedding with a stage production? We can do that! Heres what we bring to the table:

  • DJ Services & Audio Solutions
  • Event Management & Themed Parties
  • Rentals: Audio * Video * Lighting
  • Lounge & LED Furniture
  • Entertainment Services
  • Other Services
Our entertainment coordinators bring the Magic. Our expert audio technicians bring the Music and sound. Our entire staff brings Masti - which means fun and joy for all

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