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Mahadev Productions


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Indian Classical and World Fusion Music For Events & Concerts. Mahadev Productions was started in 2012 by award-winning guitarist/composer Dave Cipriani. Dave and Mahadev Productions have performed throughout the greater Los Angeles area from San Diego to Santa Barbara since 2010. A Mahadev event can feature solo Indian Slide Guitar (Mohan Vina) with Tabla, Bansuri, or even Western Instruments such as Saxophone and Bass. Pure Hindustani Ragas, Thumris and Bhajans; tasteful, artistic meeting of East and West; or even Celtic, Renaissance, African and Gypsy music on Solo Spanish Guitar. Services/Packages Offered: Indian Music Solo Indian Slide Guitar - $400 for 2 hours Indian Slide Guitar and Tabla Duo - $800 for 2 hours Indian Slide Guitar, Bansuri & Tabla Trio $1200 for 2 hours Indian Slide Guitar, Santoor & Tabla Trio $1200 for 2 hours Indian Slide Guitar, Bansuri, Santoor & Tabla Quartet - $1600 for 2 hours (the instrumental arrangement of the bestselling album Call of the Valley) Western Music repertoire including: Classical/Spanish/Renaissance music, Celtic/Irish solo guitar arrangements, Jazz standards, Gypsy/Balkan, Folk/Fingerpickin and African music Solo Classical Guitar - $400 for 2 hours Guitar & Upright Bass Duo $800 for 2 hours Mahadev Trio: Guitar, Upright Bass & Drums/Percussion Trio - $1200 for 2 hours Mahadev: Guitar, Upright Bass, Saxophone & Drums/Percussion (Quartet/Quintet) $1600/$2000 for 2 hours Hammered Dulcimer and Guitar - $800 for 2 hours Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Fiddle and Guitar - - $1200 for 2 hours other instruments (harmonium, violin, irish flute, bagpipes,etc) and combinations may be available upon request depending availability of musicians

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