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Huqa Live


1629 KST NW Suite 300 | Washington DC | United States 20006

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Huqa Live is Washington D.C's premier event lighting, special effects designers and Cinematography team. Unlike Dj's who also have begun to provide event lighting, we transform your event boring hotel/outdoor venue into a theme wonderland + Effects. We also measure lighting to ensure that your photographers captures the best memories possible. We were runner-up as best 'Audio-Visual' Designer by Washington City Paper and "Best Lighting Company" by Nationwide bridal magazines!   Other than lighting, Huqa Live also specializes in event cinematography. We use 1080dp along with 4K Cameras! Our group of talented script writers will create that memorable video. Our team will also license your music, and all work is done on a state-of-the art collaborative platform leading to no hidden surprises!   If you want your photos and video to come out blue and green, then hire a DJ for your BIG day. But if you want your Video to have clear crisp look and your venue transformed, then Huqa Live is the right company. Lighting + Cinematography + Confetti + Pyro (Fireworks) + Lasers.

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