Dhaliwal Bakery


#104 7790 128 th Street | Surrey, British Columbia | Canada V3R 1V2

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Dhaliwal Bakery is a family owned and operated, Indian -style bakery offering award-winning pastries, breads, and specialty cakes for over 2 years. Our convenient central location allows you to comfortably linger and read the morning paper or make your visit a morning ritual before work.

We are dedicated and impassioned with bringing you the finest pastries, cakes and chocolates in Surrey by combining traditional techniques with innovative design.We have great artist in cake, chocolate, and sugar competitions. Dhaliwal Bakery are Wholesale bakery. We specialize in wholesale breakfast items, breads, and cookies.

Our daily delivery ensures that you recieve the freshest items available. We encourage you to stop by for a visit or call us for more information about our Wholesale Bakery services in Surrey. As an experienced Surrey wholesale bakery, you will have the confidence that your products will exceed expectations.

Let us help with your special day. Our cakes, cookies, muffins and pastries make a great accompaniment for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other day that is special to you.

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