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#305 8128-128th Street | Surrey, British Columbia | Canada

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 Girlfriendz Studio 7 is a friendly, professional, upscale, spacious and prestigious full-service Beauty Studio | Salon | Academy, the first of its kind in B.C. 

Fuelled by passion and a dream, Mindy, Ina and Dimple entered the beauty industry over two decades ago. Armed with talent, determination and a desire to learn, these three skilled, knowledgeable and experienced Girlfriendz stand together today, as top artists. Highly respected and recognized in the international beauty industry with a goal to offer clients the ROYAL service and experience that will make every bride feel like a Princess!

Bringing over 20 years of experience in their individual professions together, they formed Girlfriendz Studio 7 – a licensed, certified, professional, full-service beauty studio, salon and academy. This renowned company has taken beauty, makeup artistry, hair designing and henna to the next level, offering an unparalleled experience to their clientele. When they took the entrepreneurial leap, their goal was to create a business, where clients always felt like one of the ‘girlfriends’ receiving cutting edge styling techniques, impeccable and gorgeous makeup application along with unique, elegant henna creations while experiencing exceptional service.

Girlfriendz Studio 7 offers a diverse team of professional artists, each bringing remarkable talents to the studio, taking the Girlfriendz brand to new heights. These artists take immense pride in doing an extra-ordinary job and achieving stunning and breathtaking results. This knowledge and experience has given them the confidence to excel to unbelievable heights and is the key to their success.

"Passion is energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you" - Oprah

ESSENCE OF BRIDE: Timeless Art of Henna

Girlfriendz is a team of talented individuals revolutionizing the world of Henna an essential part of a traditional wedding.  Girlfriendz talented and creative henna artists will design your bridal henna tailored to your needs and delight your guests with a memorable henna experience. Clients are attracted to the distinctive and versatile style with quality henna, captivating details and creative, exquisite designs.  The innovative classic style with a modern twist, combining temporary tattoos, along with blending glitter and gems will demonstrate how henna has evolved.

Girlfriendz offers versatility in styles of classic, Arabic and modern mehndi designs.  Whatever the occasion: Bridal henna, engagement, ladies party, baby shower, birthday parties, corporate events, festivals or fundraisers - Girlfriendz understands the importance of your special occasion so quality and service is never compromised.  Girlfriendz caters to their clients individual needs and style with high quality 100% natural henna powder with essential oils to enhance the stain of your henna design.

Your day is not complete without experiencing the creativity of our leading top professional henna artist Dimple Rayat.  Dimple’s unique creativity and talent in the art of Henna is an expression of herself through her designs as she explores and shares her unique skills and talent. Dimple’s endless love and passion for the art has allowed her to create exceptional henna designs over the years as a professional artist.  Each time she applies henna on her client she feels as if it is the first time. Her creativity emerges from her heart and soul and goes on to enhance the beauty of each bride. 

From a young age Dimple started to apply Henna on friends, family and relatives for weddings and special gatherings. She has immense natural talent but furthers this by advancing her skills with training and learning.  Dimple was trained with world renowned Celebrity Henna Artist Ash Kumar.  Dimple believes there is always an opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.  Dimple’s Henna designs are filled with such emotion and creativity that they can simply be defined as Art.  Dimple enjoys creating relationships with clients that will leave a lasting impression.

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