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KetaNuva Photography LLC.

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50 Harris Street | Haledon, NJ | United States 07508

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Your story is an amazing one; we just want to make sure its narrated eloquently for memories sake! Our aim to to tell stories through our lenses, and as wedding photographers we constantly strive to document the unfolding of magical moments in a compelling way. Our shooting style embraces photojournalism with a bend of fine art and fashion. Being a husband-wife team and working with our best friend,  we appreciate all the subtle nuances of emotion that weddings bring about. We understand that the pixels we capture in our lightboxes today will serve as memories for you to cherish in years or even generations to come. Nothing makes us happier than being able to make you pause at a picture and smile. Ultimately, a wedding will always be a story of defining moments, with a record that must be be timeless and artistic. Hence, we put our absolute best to capture the delicate moments of your special day, be it the exuding excitement of your first look or the ethereal aura of your first kiss. Similarly, we also put our expertise of external lighting to the limit to create photographs that'll take your breath away! Now to tell your amazing story in an amazing manner, we need a bit of help from you! We need to talk to you- after all we got to know the background a bit, how did our protagonists meet, what makes them happy, who are the people at the center of their universe-  call it the our homework before the big day! So pick up the phone or write us and email or, better yet, tell us when we can meet you for a cup of coffee and we can let an amazing venture begin!

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