DIY Favours: Henna Inspired Votive Candles


Today's DIY is probably one of my all-time favourites! I love anything inspired by henna designs, and adding personal touches to a wedding - so this is perfect. You might look at this DIY and think it's too hard, or you don't have the artistic skills to do it, but trust me, anyone can do this. All you need is a little help from a guide.

Follow the steps below and create a unique and personal wedding favour for your wedding guests to take home at the end of a long night on the dance floor. 


DIY Henna Inspired Votive Candles - Supplies:

Votive candle holders

Glass paint in a container with a nozzle

Designs to trace printed on paper sized for your votive candle holder

Rubbing alcohol


Start by cleaning the votive candle holder with rubbing alcohol and positioning the tracing guide inside. If you would like you can use a little tape to secure it, or just cut it down to size. 


Then start tracing! A couple things to remember: don't skimp on the paint, buy a good quality glass paint (Martha Stewart is my favourite), and use the design as a guide. Henna is supposed to be a little uneven, and imperfect - don't stress out trying to follow it exactly.


Experiment with different colours - I used pink and gold, but you could easily use multiple colours in one design, or do the whole design in one colour.  

Henna Inspired Votive Candles

Want to give your wedding guests a unique and special favour to remember your big day? Try your hand at these DIY henna inspired candle holders.

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