10 Ways To Make Your Destination Wedding Unique

Planning a destination Indian wedding but falling short of ideas to make it a stand-out event? Well, not anymore, because we have compiled here a list of amazingly unique ideas that will make your Indian destination wedding different from what's been done so far. 

So, here you go with the ideas!

Build The Excitement

Your invitations are already out, but, how about sending some quirky snail mails or a teaser to each one of your guests leading to some excitement about the upcoming trip? It can be a guide book with locations they can visit after the wedding or the food that they will get to enjoy! Think! think! think!


White Mirage Invites

Provide Indian Version of Transportation

Obviously you are arranging the wedding so it will be up to you to look for everything that your guests will need, including the transportation. If your wedding venue is near to the hotel where all your guests are staying arrange for a ‘baggi’ ride or some vintage cars to bring them to the venue.

A Desi Welcome Drink On Arrival

Ditch your on arrival cocktail for some desi flavour like a lassi, chaach, aam panna or even thandai. Your guests will love the pinch of Indian flavour in your international Indian destination wedding.

A Welcome Gift In Every Room

Your guests have taken time out from their busy schedules to attend your destination wedding, they deserve some gratitude. Get a gift hamper packed and placed in every guest room so they will be surprised on arrival.

GIFT in room

Add A Personal Touch At Buffet and Bar

Arrange for the stirrers and cutlery with the initials of your and your partner’s name at the buffet and at the bar to give a personal touch to the arrangement.

jetfeteblog.com - BAR


Send Out A Wedding Newsletter on The D-Day

Give a quick recap of your story and the arrangement that you have made for special day through a morning newsletter for your guests. They can keep it as a memorabilia for your wedding.

Send A Thank You Mail After The Wedding

Appreciate their gesture and love by sending out personalized thank you emails to all your guests after the wedding so that they will remember what a good time they had.

Customized Luggage Tags

Of course all your wedding party will be heading for the destination together, so why not give them personalized luggage tags so it will look like a big great party going out for a celebration, another memorabilia as well for your guests.

Set-Up An Activity Session

It can be anything, a relaxing yoga class, a ride on the beach, a skiing session, a spa and sauna session, whatever you think is best suited for the weather and the setting.

The Indian Menu

What could have been more surprising than having Indian meals on the menu to give feels of attending a wedding back home? You might not get all, but for sure few dishes will be available on request. 

Sharik Varma - indian food

Sharik Varma

Tips to quirk up your Indian destination wedding


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