Swank Up Your Wedding Photoshoot With These Props

Are you and your soon-to-be hubby big on the drama? Or do you like to keep it minimalist and chic? Either way, you have to make sure your wedding photo shoot is a mix of desi-candid and high street chic.

One of our favourites, to instantly doll up your photos, is using cool props. Not only do your photos turn out super funky and cute, but they also help you and your partner spice up your chemistry!

For an all-time classic photoshoot, check out these new props you could incorporate (with a little help from your photographer) and nail that wedding photoshoot!

1. Dupatta: A sheer dupatta or may be a bright coloured matching your outfit for the perfect filmy feel!

deos - dupatta

Deos Studios

2. Vintage Vehicles: Before you set out for the ride of your life, pose against one and you are sure to remember it forever! 

Deostudio - vintage car

Deos Studios



3. Natural Elements: A flower shower is one of the sure ways to pep up your wedding photoshoot.


Banga Studios

4. Umbrella: Colourful fun umbrellas make for a fun photoshoot. And a kiss can make the picture way more pretty!

Irish Grzanich Photography - umbrella

Irish Grzanich Photography

5. Vintage Doors: A quirky door setup? Who doesn't like! 

shadesphotographyindia- vintage doors

Shades Photography India

6. Fairylights: Oh! So pretty! Use these lights in different ways to get a picture of dreams! 


Memorylane photography

Memorylane Photography

7. Food/Drinks: Show your swag and pose in front of the bar! 


Shades Photography India

8. Swing It: We love it when couples play around with each other on their wedding photoshoot. Use a swing and give each other the most priceless look.

cupcake - swing

Cupcake Productions

9. Pet Love: This might sound slightly unconventional, but one way to make sure you include your pet in your wedding is by posing with him in the photoshoot. This sounds like the most fun photoshoot in history!


The Storyteller Official

10. Bubbles: For the adorable high school sweethearts getting hitched, this one’s our absolute favourite wedding photoshoot prop. Blow out bubbles as big as your hands, and you won’t even realise it’s a wedding photoshoot.  

Jodi clickers - bubbles

Jodi Clickers

11. His Favourite Game: You know what spells care like nothing else? When you incorporate each other’s faves into your own life! Include aspects of each other’s life, like his favourite football jersey, for a cute and candid shoot.

banga studios

Banga Studios

12. Balloons: We’re serious when we say balloons are the best thing to happen to wedding decor. Especially after a tiring night, all you might want to do is play around with these and see your wedding album unfurl like magic!

wedding by knotty days

Weddings by Knotty Days

13. Confetti: Best way to get the cutest picture for the wedding album-this one’s likely to be the most fun of them all.

Jodi Clickers - confetti

Jodi Clickers

14. Dreamy Props - Dreamcatchers and birdcages can be rightly used for those magical pictures. 

17332962_1047570252043124_6824228911904194560_n 2

DA Artist

DA Artist Photography

For an all-time classic photoshoot, check out these new props you could incorporate (with a little help from your photographer) and nail that wedding photoshoot!

17332962_1047570252043124_6824228911904194560_n 2

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