Your Guide To Nail That Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Tips & Tricks

With a thousand things on your mind before the wedding, you couldn’t be bothered less about paying attention to the minutiae of pre wedding happenings, right? Wrong! Well, at least when it comes to your pre wedding photo shoot, here’s a boilerplate of what to expect if you are unprepared: lots of smokey eye gone wrong, tear stained faces thanks to the not-so-waterproof makeup and perhaps less than flattering photographs from a run of the mill photographer.

If you are really serious about a pre wedding photo shoot, though, listen up. It’s no small matter, and you need to give it more time than you think for it to be a successful venture. And although you might think your chemistry as a couple and some last minute picks for a flattering ensemble can save the day, there’s more that goes into saving the day. Did we scare you? Don’t worry, if you have some time on your hands, here are some tips, tricks and hacks for you to make that pre wedding photo shoot one that makes the world jealous!

Think, think, think, and plan!

Brides, meet step number one to having the wedding of your dreams. Planning. Take time out from your schedule, or think it through while conditioning your strands in the shower- whatever be your mix. But do not skim through this step. Go through every little detail in your head, and be sure about what you want before you decide to go ahead with an idea.

AMIT Photography

Photograph by Amit Photography

Colour Code

Coordination is key when it comes to couple photoshoots. Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to outfits. It’s also a good idea to go shopping together so you can both be in on it together.

dipak studios wedding photography

Photograph by Dipak Studios Wedding Photography

Confused? Keep it Minimally Classy!

If you aren’t sure about your theme yet, we suggest you keep it classy. Think about that hairdo you’ve always wanted to sport, or that bold red lip you don’t think you’d wear during the wedding, and go for it now. Keep it simple and classy, and make sure he likes it too.


If monochrome isn’t your thing, play with colours! Let those gorgeous vermillion, aquas, aubergines and greens out. Try to ensure a balance with the lights, or it might get a little too bright and jazzy.

Anshum M Photography

Photograph by Anshum M Photography

Don’t Confuse Ourself (and the Viewer)

Too many patterns, checks, stripes and jazzy prints will just ruin the charm of a couple photoshoot. Make yourself and your partner look stylish, yet minimally chic, for a timeless look. We suggest you keep the polkas strictly for his pocket squares.

Talk to your photographer

This one’s important, so listen up. Hire a good photographer, and listen to what he has to say. He knows his colours and lights, so this is a good time for you to keep mum and listen.

Be Comfy

If your blouse is too tight, it shows on your face. Need we say more?

Be Conscious of the Venue

It’s important to be cognizant of the venue, and to dress accordingly. Those gorgeous printed chiffon sarees? Trust Kajol to flaunt them in snow clad areas. Try and be a little in place, we say- you don’t want to go back with a beautiful album and a sore throat.

Wear something flattering

Pay a lot of attention to what you’re wearing- and wear something that flatters your curves. Google body types and decide on what you think suits yours. However, if you’re an inverted triangle and insist on wearing an off shoulder gown, try going for a material that drapes well- silks and chiffons have always been winners.


Photography by Stillemotional

Carry Extras

And listen up. This one is for every single event. Carry extras that you could need in case of wardrobe mishaps.

Don’t Over Accessorize

Don’t go overboard with the accessories. Keep your jewellery to a minimum chic. For classy couple portraits, this works best to ensure you have timeless snaps.

Ditch Unnecessary Items

Again, like with the accessories, too many things can create a confused look. Keep your wallet and handbag out of the frame for a neat, chic look. You might not realise this, but it can really avoid awkward bulges!

coolbluez 2

Photograph by Coolbluez Photography


Here are some tips, tricks and hacks for you to make that pre wedding photo shoot one that makes the world jealous!


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