Tuesday Shoesday: How to Rock High Heels on Your Wedding Day

Tell any Indian bride she should wear heels with her wedding outfit and she'll probably shudder in horror. After all, the girl-next-door is hardly used to handling those 6-inch beauties with an outfit as heavy and complicated as a bridal lehenga, sari or even suit. But does this mean no one has ever worn high heels in the history of wedding couture? Not all all.

You can easily wear heels on your wedding day and rock the look - you just have to be smart about it. Here are some tips that might be of help. Firstly, invest in a pair of designer heels for the wedding. Why do you think they cost a bomb? Because they are exponentially more comfortable and easy to pull-off than budget-friendly footwear. Also, get yourself some heel-relievers - yes, you may not have known but gel-filled inserts are available in the market to make 6-inchers more comfy for long-wear.

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Bejeweled Heels by Pelle Originale

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Open Toe Pearl White Wedding Bridal High Heels

One mistake all novices make is whipping out their brand new heels on the day of the wedding itself. Don't do that! Give your heels a test-run so that if they're still too new and giving you shoe bites, you can come up with a solution ahead of time. Most importantly though, keep a backup around. Right before you start getting ready on D-Day, hand over a pair of flats such as Punjabi juttis or ethnic sandals to your bridesmaid. If the heels get too much, you'll have the option to change that way!

Champagne heels

Champagne Wedding Shoes With Ivory Lace Overlace

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Bella Belle Annalise

So, if you want a real wow-factor to your bridal-wear, consider donning a pair of gorgeous mini-stilts (aka high heels). Be intelligent in choosing the right pair and styling and you'll look stunning for sure! 

A sexy pair of high heels is all you need to up the ante of your bridal look. If you're worried about donning high heels on your D-day, read our advice.

Champagne heels

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